Trendy haircuts 2021 for women over 60

Any woman / girl is worthy of compliments, especially women of the elite age. Thanks to their experience, they know all the secrets of beauty. The main secret is the choice of hairstyle. For women over sixty, current trends are not interesting, they just need to be inspired by the best. Refined bobs, daring pixies, short curls and bold curls - summer 2021 hairstyles that show their character and style with all their looks.

The main trends of haircuts for summer 2021

Ladies of elite age would like to offer hairstyles with such qualities as:

• neatness and simplicity - hair will look well-groomed and healthy;

• short or medium hair;

• naturalness and naturalness - it is not necessary to paint over gray hair, you can simply tint it;

• multilayer - especially for hair with age-related structural changes;

• graduation and thinning;

Only tendencies should be used exclusively according to the individual characteristics of each woman and the condition of her hair. We offer several options for haircuts for women 60+, with which you can radically change and rejuvenate your image.


A bob is a timeless haircut. Today, as before, it is at the peak of its popularity. At this age, the haircut rejuvenates and looks very elegant. Here are several options for the square:

1. Elongated - visually stretches the face and adds freshness.

2. Parting right - looks great on straight hair, curls of different or the same length, it doesn't matter.

3. Wet hair effect - perfect for holidays.


The most stylish haircut of our time. With her, ladies of the elite age quite look on a par with the younger generation. The haircut is also great because it is practical and easy to wear. It has many different styling variations, the main thing is to choose your own.


The cascade haircut is the only haircut that makes thick hair manageable, and thin hair more lush and voluminous. There are three types of cascade:

1. Torn - adds volume, makes a romantic look;

2. With asymmetry - refreshes the familiar look;

3. Classic - suitable for weak but thick hair, also for curls.

Any woman has the right to set her own style, dye her hair or leave it as it is. There are summer 2021 fashion trends for that. It is impossible to constantly walk in the same style, you should always experiment, but at this age, it is necessary! Therefore, do not be afraid to change your image, so you will feel livelier and fresher.

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