What lipstick to choose in 2020: trendy colors

Lipstick - the most brilliant beauty product that will help determine if you follow the fashion or not.

On the question of what Colour lipstick in fashion now, it is difficult to give an answer. Options - are countless. Shades of 2020 will surprise anyone who is brave enough to experiment with new products and improve the proven classic versions.

Red lips

The red color is always very popular, and fans in this color is becoming more and more every year. The color itself a little aggressive. However, the classic red - out of competition. This is one of the most frequently used colors in 2020. Thus, the appearance and dress-adjusted red lipstick on their own a little bit extravagant. If you choose red, your appearance should be in harmony with the mood and self-confidence. This is a classic that never goes out of fashion, but the way it is applied and the particular hue can definitely vary from season to season. Any makeup with red lipstick colors in 2020 will transform the entire way. Be sure that the result will be spectacular.

Wine lips

Given the fact that many fashion houses have chosen the colors of Marsala and Merlot for its autumn color trends 2019 it is not surprising that the variation of the deep wine-red hues also appeared on the lips of the models in different weeks fashion. Lipstick color marsala is among winter flowers that will transform your entire image in the cold winter weather. However, you should be careful with its use. Depending on the circuit, and the other colors used in your cosmetics, it is difficult to achieve the ideal of a harmonious image.

berry lips

Berry tones are often the most desirable in the selection of lipstick. They tend to go well with all skin tones. Both dark and lighter shades of berry lips makeup trends are present in the autumn of 2019.

Pink lips

Another fashionable and stylish option for this season. Suitable for women of any age. Depending on the shade, it will look harmonious with any outfit. Peachy-pink hue was repeatedly presented in different fashion houses shows how the trend of the upcoming season. Since color was fairly light, I created the effect of youth, especially when he was covered in the same shade of lip gloss.

Nyudovye lips

Nude is the most practical and convenient to all popular colors in 2020. This is the only option that complements your outfit the most elegant way. Furthermore, the shades of lipstick nyudovoy numerous and are suitable for any style. Combined with trendy shades of lipstick in 2020 come in different styles. People mistakenly believe that Nude - it's just beige and light brown. However, diverse palette. It consists of the components of almost all color shades. For example, light pink, peach, light brown, light blue, light coral, and many others. In addition, these trendy shades of lipstick in 2020 to make an image of any woman to ten times softer and more feminine.


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