Top 15 tricks to help my mother to save time in the kitchen

The appearance of the baby in the house is quickly changing the usual routine. Especially if the child is this - first. Care of it takes away all the time and effort. But mom grudnichka need to eat well and get enough sleep. What to do?

One of the main consumer concerns: how to organize a full breakfast, lunch and dinner for the whole family, to ensure a healthy diet and of itself, a breastfeeding mother? Take a few of our tips, they will help to appropriately allocate time to it and enough for a family, and on-favorite.

Purchase of products

You have in the fridge, freezer and kitchen cupboard should always be a basic supply of food, from which you can quickly cook healthy food. Take care of this in advance, and from time to time carry out an audit: what you "in the bins?"

Top 15 tricks to help my mother to save time in the kitchen /

Where to look for the lost time?

In fact, there are many tricks that can reduce the time spent cooking and cleaning the kitchen.
1. For example, a lot of effort from the hosts always took up cleaning the cooker. But now on the market of products for home care were special coating that collect on itself all the dirt. They just need time to change from time to time! By the way, to make such "protection" can be independently and for a plate -

of food foil. Cover the plates with foil surface so that it was overlapped, and then perform the openings for the burners. Among other things, it helps to save gas and cook faster, because the foil reflects the heat, therefore, dishes quickly heats up and cools down more slowly.

2. The refrigerator is usually the fastest soiled shelves. However, to facilitate the process of cleansing the shelves of dirt can be very simple. After washing the refrigerator shelves close the top surface cling film. When it gets dirty, just change a new one.

3. Cut off a piece of meat or carefully cut the bread blunt the blade is not easy at all. Keep your Knives were always sharp. So you will save not only time but also your nerves.

4. For convenience and to reduce the time spent optimize kitchen space. Let what you use often (at least once a week), it will always be at hand. If at least - remove the top shelf or in a closet. Ideally, if the distance between the stove, sink, fridge and work surface will be minimal.

5. multivarka It allows you to cook food by gentle cooking: stew, bake, boil or steam thoroughly.

6. blender Chop vegetables and fruits, easily ground meat and fish to meat, and get it chopped, not frayed product.

7. Learn to multitask! Until cooked spaghetti - cut salad or cook the sauce. And just try to clean up on the table: it's faster, than to dig it all.

Top 15 tricks to help my mother to save time in the kitchen /

The finished product is to be frozen

Save time and effort makes use of frozen products and semi-finished products. Freezing allows you to:

  • save the maximum amount of vitamins in vegetables, fruits, berries;
  • dispense with preservatives (vinegar, oil, sugar and salt);
  • to support a variety of food all year round.

Do not forget to sign the freezing date on the container or package!

8. Greenery beam can be frozen or cut. Aromas of well-maintained dill, parsley, cilantro, celery, lovage. Podvyadshie herbs also can be frozen and then put in the broth.

9. Many baked pancakes? Put them with sheets of parchment or foil - and in the freezer. Overdid it with buckwheat or rice, you will not want to eat on the second day? The container - and freeze. Or tomorrow, add the fish / meat stuffing and make meatballs.

11. Boil the broth? Prepare immediately large pan: cool and freeze the container volume of about 1 liter. Such domestic "bouillon cubes" allow to cook a new soup every 2-3 days and not eat the same soup for a week.

12. Well tolerate frost currants, gooseberries, cranberries, cranberry, raspberry, plum, cherry, buckthorn. Berries with thick skins freeze immediately in special packages, distributing them evenly inside.
Drain must first be divided in half and remove pits. A gentle berries (e.g., raspberries) better pre-fill in a single layer in the tray only after freezing and pour into a package.
A good option: turn the fruit puree and freeze in portions in containers - preparation useful for sauces, jelly.

13. How to freeze the vegetables:

  • Cauliflower before freezing, disassemble into small florets.
  • Bell pepper strips or chop, cut the stalk and remove the seeds (if frozen whole, can be used for stuffing).
  • Carrot slices cut or pre grate.
  • beets, grated, too rescue - in the winter it can be without the hassle of filling used for cooking in the soup or to extinguish.
  • Eggplant and zucchini slices are helping to make a delicious stew and pumpkin (slices or grated) - to add variety to cereals and soups.

14. It is not necessary to blanch vegetables before freezing (As frost destroy the cell wall) and may be thawed before cooking. Feel free to put the pieces straight from the freezer into boiling food, but the greens better to add just before serving.

15. Serious approach to the preparation of minced meat. Make beef (without onion) - Bolognese sauce and homemade burgers. Mixed beef, ground pork can be frozen already with onion, spread out in batches of packets. It is convenient to prepare and ready meal: burgers, meatballs with rice.

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