Ortoreksiya: as the pursuit of nutrition turns into a disease

Orthorexia nervosa - is another eating disorder, which they say is less than about anorexia or bulimia.

Ortoreksiyu can be difficult to recognize because, at first glance, it's an easy drive eat right. But if she does not just prefer healthy food, and literally fixated on it - it is an occasion to address to the psychotherapist.

On what grounds can distinguish ortoreksiyu?

1. Obsessive thoughts, It is impossible not to follow the right diet, panic fear of everything "banned". Usually people tend to weakness: even professional athletes and models sometimes indulge themselves sweet, junk food and other harmful food. But the patient ortoreksiey physically can not bring himself to eat and that something is not right, even thought this is not allowed.

2. Scrupulous counting calories, Eating only foods with no sugar, salt, gluten, fat, etc.

3. Cessation of human contactWho do not adhere to proper nutrition. Ortoreksiya drives man into a kind of "sect" (but it exists only in his mind, and built by him), and he is deprived of his usual environment, because relatives are no longer understand it obsession. Man with ortoreksiey can not participate in family dinners, meetings with friends, and even quietly watch people eat something, in his view, wrong.

4. The inability to make a joke on the topic of food, weight, lack of self-irony. People with ortoreksiey very painful and nerve perceive any comments about their diet and lifestyle, as they seek to ensure, to be admired, and get the opposite effect. And it's not leads them to believe that they overdid it in their desire to eat properly. Quite the contrary - a person thinks they need more "healthier" diet, the deletion of the two or three kinds of products.

Up to a point ortoreksiya is a big problem of socialization than health, because people simply withdraws into himself and his relationship with eating, talking is not live, and with like-minded people on the Internet, and all his interests are reduced to, to find the most devoid of fat and carbohydrate foods.

However, this eating disorder is closely bordered with anorexia nervosa - bring himself to physical exhaustion, which in the worst case is irreversible and lethal.

Why is the idea of ​​proper nutrition turns into a nervous breakdown?

Of course, not every person who strives to eat healthy food, suffers ortoreksiey. Someone just really want to lose weight - and save him from counting calories or seduce buns do not need.

Risk to cross the line between a healthy lifestyle and an unhealthy fixation susceptible people, perfectionists who can not do anything halfway. And as a result of their desire to become a perfect slim or make an ideal healthy diet turns into a chase, which together with the kilograms lost common sense, vitamins and minerals.

If you are easily suggestible people - admire bloggers on social networks, you have idols, you follow their advice on diet and lifestyle - then you also risk turning a healthy diet in the disease.

One should always remember that:

1) for a beautiful picture perfect life of a blogger or a star is a team of professionals, which creates an image, building a frame and photo retouching;

2) information about the secrets of stellar diets may simply be a fake;

3) your idols - are people too, they also occasionally eat food that does not draw on the pictures of proper nutrition;

4) those whose advice on nutrition you strive to follow or whose figure to take his example can be a big health problems due to errors in the diet, which they simply do not seek narrate. After all, hardly the image will benefit from information that the star povypadali almost all their hair, constant constipation and kidney stones.

How is orthorexia nervosa?

The most important treatment - a hike to the therapist. Adjustment of diet and eating habits starts with putting in order thoughts. When the mind is a little clearer, and people gradually come to understand that acts damaging to your body, then you can refer to a dietitian and create a new nutrition program. It is important that a person with ortoreksiey doing just experts - psychologists, physicians, nutritionists, because it is only the opinion of a specialist he is able to listen.

Informal conversation with family or friends will cause a wave of negativity. As ortoreksiku difficult to understand that his behavior has gone beyond the norm, and the mother is difficult to understand that this is not looped just a whim of man, but really nervous breakdown, from which it is impossible to cope independently. And entreaties like "one of the candy will be nothing" - this is the wrong behavior strategy that people with ortoreksiey automatically perceive a hostile reception.

In severe cases, you may need psychiatric help and prescription of medicines.

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