Globa's horoscope for the week of May 3-May 9: Capricorns are waiting for love, Cancers - changes

The famous astrologer Pavel Globa said that he is waiting for representatives of all signs of the zodiac in the week from May 3 to May 9. Many stars recommend to relax, travel and meet friends


Check the information received. There is a high risk of fraud or mistakes that can seriously damage your business reputation. But on the personal front, you will be fine. Relationships will sparkle with new colors, and those who do not have a half have a high chance of meeting her in the very near future.


In a relationship, take the bull by the horns. The more active you are, the more success you will achieve. But at work, you should not stick out too much: the bosses will not appreciate it. Now is the time not for labor exploits, but for building relationships, meeting friends, and finally resting. Only if you have problems with the cardiovascular system or thrombophlebitis, you should not give yourself great physical activity and choose too active rest. For the rest of the points, health does not disappoint.


You desperately need a rest in a calm, quiet place. This will help restore your shaky mental balance and recharge your batteries. Listen carefully to what others are saying to you. In their words, you will get the answer to the question that the Universe has been asking for a long time. Pay attention to your dreams.

At work, it's best not to start new projects. Pay attention to your health: do not overload yourself, do not overcool, and be sure to protect your skin from the sun.


It's time for a change for you. If you have been wanting new experiences for a long time, give them to yourself. If you cannot escape somewhere for a few days, go for one. Believe me, you need a picture change now, like air. And be sure to take your friends with you. Now you should not retire, spend time alone. Chances are you will receive great news this week.

a lion

But the Lions have no time for rest. It's time to roll up your sleeves and get on with the chores that you have long put on the back burner. Feel free to ask for help. Close people will help you.

Perhaps there will be a chance to climb the career ladder. Weigh the pros and cons of the promotion. Are you ready to tear your veins now and work seven days a week?


The hour has come for romance, dating, outings with friends. Allow yourself this, because you have not rested for so long. If possible, take time off from work - even three days off will make you feel like a different person. Full of strength, fire and the desire to move mountains.

Monitor your diet. Avoid fatty and fried foods. Now your weakest link in your body is your digestive system. Therefore, if the kebab is from seafood or chicken.


The more active you are this week, the more you will be satisfied with the results at the end of it. This applies not only to work, but also to leisure. In the evening, walk around the beautiful city, enjoy May, bloom and long-awaited warmth.

Take some time to relax. Especially now you are shown massage of the back and collar zone - to relieve muscle tension.


This week you will feel like everyone is trying to put your nerves to the test. This is an illusion. In fact, those around you are simply mirroring your inner tension. Relax - and you will see how the world will sparkle with new bright colors, and people will start smiling at you.

So put issues on the back burner and take time for your partner. Have a honey week. This will also help you become less stressed and more relaxed.


It's time to pay off your debts. And this is not about money. And about moral obligations. It is very likely that a person who at one time helped you a lot will turn to you for help. Don't deny him. Help, repay the debt, no matter how tight you have with a temporary resource.

Spend your weekend in peace. If possible, send the children to their grandmother. And enjoy the peace and quiet yourself. Read a good book, take a walk in the park, lie in a hammock.


You have long deserved a rest, and the stars strongly recommend you to have a good rest. Everything for this will work out in the best possible way. If you can't take a mini-vacation, then try to plan your working day so that in the evening you will there was time to make yourself a mini-weekend - walk around the city, go to a restaurant, meet with friends. By the way, lonely Capricorns this week can easily meet the love of their life.


You will be very eager to give advice this week, to redo someone. In general, doing good. But you do remember that you should not go where you are not asked. Therefore, it is better to direct your energy and desire to improve on your person. Did you want to lose weight? Create a weight loss program with a nutritionist. Did you want to start renovating your apartment? Get started!


The background of the next few days is travel, communication, meetings. All of this will be very productive. But if you, out of habit, decide to close in your "shell", then by the end of the week you will feel a breakdown. You will have the feeling that life is being wasted. Therefore, overcome your homebody and laziness - and meet, travel. Even within the hometown.

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