Swelling in pregnancy: Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

During pregnancy, the volume of fluid in the female body increases almost twice, and this is quite natural. But that definitely need to know about swelling during pregnancy and when to sound the alarm?

swelling - quite a wake-up call, and if they are accompanied by an increase in blood pressure and protein in the urine, then pregnant women in urgent need to consult a doctor who is pregnant and it is not excluded, hospital.


Based on statistical data, only 20% of women do not collide with the disease as swelling. The rest of the future moms during pregnancy can watch an excessive accumulation of fluid in any part of your body. This is due to the fact that during pregnancy the body is in two times more liquid than the normal period of her life. In addition to this change, and fluid and electrolyte balance, and constantly growing uterus is pressure on blood vessels, whereby circulation deceleration occurs and, accordingly, the liquid begins to linger body.

Such symptoms are not only has an aesthetic appearance is not enough, but also can adversely affect a child's development, as severe swelling mothers can lead to fetal hypoxia. Besides signs of edema can be the result of a sufficiently serious diseases. This is why early treatment to the doctor can help avoid unintended consequences and complications.

In most cases, the swelling begins to manifest itself in the period of about 30 weeks, in multiple pregnancies or harboring a large fetus. If any signs of swelling and self-diagnosis should not self-medicate! But the prevention of this disease could be relevant to the earliest stages of pregnancy, and then, perhaps, you will not need never face a swelling of all time of carrying crumbs.


Minimize salt intake.Sodium is part of salt, tends to delay fluid in the body. That is why a pregnant woman should avoid or minimize out of their diet various pickles, herring, sauerkraut, crackers, chips and a variety of meats. Besides it is necessary to add some salt minimally preparing meals. Something that can be eaten without salt - should not add salt at all.

Adhere to proper nutrition.A pregnant woman needs to prepare dishes without frying - it is better to simmer foods, cook or bake. Firstly, because they retain maximum nutrients, and secondly, proper nutrition contributes to the normalization of all organs, including blood vessels. Because problems with vessels also lead to the formation of edema. It is also necessary to use a sufficient amount of fiber per day, which is in most fresh fruits and vegetables.

Drink plenty of fluidsa day without abusing tea and coffee, which can affect blood pressure. Keep in mind that caffeine in green tea is much greater than in black. Therefore, its use should be no more than 1-2 cups a day.

Do not abuse diuretics.During pregnancy any medication is not recommended for yourself and diuretics are no exception. Drugs should be prescribed only by a doctor, so as not to harm the health of unborn baby.


Choose a position in his sleep on your left side.The thing is that in this situation the kidneys are experiencing the lowest load and therefore considerably faster drive off the liquid on the urinary system.

To live an active lifestyle. The more a woman bearing a child moves, the lower the probability of her swelling. To do this, perfectly suited walks from 40 minutes to 2-3 hours a day, swimming, water aerobics, yoga, or special exercises for pregnant women.

The use of special clothes for pregnant women. There are various types of linen bandages and supporting the back and abdomen, thereby removing the burden on the veins and lower limbs. Just as many future mother is recommended to wear compression stockings to prevent the risk of developing varicose veins and eliminate the feeling of heaviness in the legs, thereby minimizing the symptoms of edema.

Timely hospitalization if necessary.Swelling may indicate, for example, such diseases as preeclampsia. In such cases, suspected preeclampsiadoctor offers immediate hospitalization, from which in any case should not be abandoned, otherwise the consequences could be very irreversible.

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