Cystitis during pregnancy: causes, risks to the fetus and prevention of disease

Cystitis - a rather troublesome problem, particularly during pregnancy. How to recognize cystitis during pregnancy and cure it, do not harm the baby?

According to statistics, every tenth woman to bear a child, prone to such diseases as cystitis. To this disease could not dampen the joy while waiting for the baby, it is necessary to identify and remove as much as possible before, as manifestations of the disease can negatively affect both the mother's health, and the development of its baby.

Causes of cystitis during pregnancy


  • Rastuschaya uterus increasingly begins to squeeze the bladder and ureters, whereby the natural blood flow is disturbed and the flow of urine. Thus, this process can lead to the growth of bacteria causing cystitis.
  • During pregnancy decreases the immune system, which also provokes cystitis.
  • Hormonal changes in a woman's body.
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases during pregnancy

Cystitis is fairly easy to recognize on several grounds:

  • Pain in the abdomen;
  • Frequent urge to urination, and the sheer amount of urine is very small;
  • The presence of itching and burning sensation when urinating;
  • Drawing pain in the pelvis;
  • Sometimes spotting may be present in the urine;
  • The turbidity of the urine with the presence of noxious fumes;
  • Temperature increase.

Such features are characteristic when the disease is in an acute form. If the disease is chronic, the symptoms are not as pronounced, but the consequences may be more dangerous.


Every pregnant woman is important to know that when it detects at least one of these symptoms, you must immediately contact your doctor, as these symptoms may be indicative of many other diseases. Proceeding from the resultsatov tests, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate therapy.

In the presence of cystitis in pregnant women is extremely dangerous to self-medicate, as this could harm both the mother and her fetus and lead to various complications.

Quite often it happens that cystitis in pregnant women are asymptomatic. That is why it is so important to take all the planned tests.

Treatment of this disease during pregnancy is problematic, since many drugs have contraindications, but also one of cranberry juice this problem can not be solved. Therefore, after the date of a particular analysis, doctors prescribe appropriate treatment, and to engage in data the question should be two specialists - a urologist and gynecologist who has a pregnant woman standing on the account.

Methods of treatment of cystitis in pregnant women


In modern medicine, for the treatment of cystitis in women who bears a child, there is a method instillation as the treatment by which drugs are injected directly into the urinary bubble. This method is considered more secure than others.

In addition, the patient is recommended to drink as much water as you can, up to two liters a day.

It is also recommended frequent urination

Personal hygiene and wearing underwear made of natural fabrics
It is important to remember that self cystitis in pregnant women can lead to quite serious consequences, so at the slightest sign of it should seek the advice of a physician. Be healthy!

Also be sure to ask about whether it is possible to take kanefron pregnancy and what are the contra-indications

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