6 items in your room, which makes it uncomfortable

Trying to make your interior comfortable and pleasing to the eye, many people do not notice that they prefer not to those things that will cope with this task.

Today we tell about 6 little things in your home that cozy atmosphere even in the bright apartment.

plastic moldings

Do not waste your time and money for the purchase and installation of cheap plastic moldings for curtains, they will not give any comfort. Prefer ceiling or eaves, made of quality materials: wood, metal. They are stronger and more durable, and looks noble.

Crystal Chandelier

Crystal chandelier out of place in the interiors of apartments. It is more suitable for huge houses in the classical style, theaters and other facilities in a classic style, besides having a large area. When choosing, remember that the chandelier should not overload the interior, and must comply with the area.

porcelain figurines

Put on the shelves of porcelain pigeons, swans, frogs to attract money and other decorations - the last century. If you want to add a detail, which will decorate your room, put in a vase with flowers room. It will look great, nice smell and does not accumulate in the dust itself a century.

Furniture, the laid a rug

Modern Upholstery materials have good dirt repellent, stain so they are not so simple. After all, you can buy or order a neat removable covers on furniture that can be easily washed in a standard typewriter.

Layered curtains

Such curtains are good only in the appropriate environment. And if you do not live in the castle, but in a modern apartment, will add greater comfort curtains of plain material, contrasting walls. They are able to visually expand the window and make the room more.

wall color

Too bright or too dark walls seemed to put pressure on our minds. Typically, in such an environment, we feel uncomfortable. Wallpapers lighter tones are not only able to visually expand a room, but also allow us to feel safer and more comfortable.


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