The child tells a dream: the norm or pathology

Many mothers have repeatedly wondered why their kid mumbles something in a dream Is not this mean that a child that something is wrong?

According to experts, there is no cause for alarm in the following cases:

Child talking in his sleep after a hectic day out - it is known that the nervous system of the child more sensitive than an adult, and the child needed more time to "digest" events.


The child pronounces a few sentences, and then goes back to sleep - our sleep consists of several phases - the deep and rapid shallow sleep. In this case, the child how to "lulls" yourself before you dive into a deep sleep.

In the dream, talking baby, just start talking. Attentive parents are probably noticed that children first utter a word or phrase in a dream, and then to "give voice" of their reality. Such "Night Talk" - a "harbingers" of your future daily conversations.


More complex thingsIf the conversation is interrupted by the child's dream, and he screams in his sleep, he grinds his teeth, and a long time after waking up may not come down. Then this may be a symptom of disease of the nervous system. Especially if the day a child is cause for concern: is excited, aggressive and closed whiny. In this case, you need to show the child to a neurologist. Most likely, your doctor will ask you questions such as: how often the child talks at night, says single words or phrases or entire utters monologues, whether his speech if he remembers legible morning that bothered him at night.


To try to negate the night talking, pediatricians are advised to exclude the evening watching television, reading "scary" stories and all that evokes strong emotions. You need to make sure that it was not too hot in the room - usually the temperature rises above 26 degrees causes restless sleep. Bathe your baby should be in water not lower than 33 and not more than 36 degrees. Too cool water invigorates and too warm - is quickening heart rate, which also leads to sleep disturbances. And the best guarantee of a restful sleep - a friendly atmosphere at home.