Check yourself: 10 mistakes in the kitchen, which make almost all the housewives

Each family has its secrets of cooking signature dishes, food storage, and restore order. But there are errors that most of them perform the same.

Everything in life you need to learn without stopping, including homemaking economy and kitchen secrets. We are introducing you to common mistakes in food preparation that is necessary "to know in person."

1. Butter and milk to mashed potatoes do not have to be cold. Cold milk and butter are poorly absorbed into the potatoes, because they definitely need to pre-heat and add slowly. Otherwise, mashed potatoes will not turn the air quickly cools, will take lumps and bad vzobetsya.

2. Small pieces of potatoes for mashed potatoes. When you boil potatoes for mashed potatoes, it must be cut into large chunks or cook whole. It takes, of course, a little more time than if cut finely, but helps preserve the taste of the product. Small potato slices quickly absorb a lot of liquid, it makes them distasteful and prevents soak up butter and milk in the preparation of mashed potatoes.

3. Thorough washing of fungi. Of course, if they are in the land, the land you need a good scrub. However, if you wash the mushrooms in a large quantity of water, they vberut and it will be less tasty.

4. Violation of the order of breading. Indeed, there is a big difference in what order in which to dip pieces of meat or fish, to get a quality breading. First, dip in flour, then in beaten eggs and then - in the breadcrumbs. So breading layer is smooth, beautiful and not fall off during cooking.

5. Frequent turning fish on skorovode. When you fry the fish in a pan, it is often not necessary to turn it on the first one and then the other side. From this it can simply fall apart into small pieces. Fish being prepared rather quickly, it is sufficient to turn once.

6. Roasting poultry together with vegetables. It may seem that this will speed up the process, because and poultry, and vegetables prepared fairly quickly, plus nourish each other juice. However, their combined preparation will lead to the fact that instead of frying foods would be extinguished. Poultry will eventually be "rubber", the vegetables will have a strange taste. To qualitatively and fry the vegetables and meat, it is better to do separately, and then mix hot.

7. Cooking fresh eggs. Fresh eggs fry better because they are poorly cleaned. It does not always help in the form of life hacking adding salt and pouring cold water after cooking - the shell will still stick to the protein. If you do cook fresh eggs, it is worth it to do for a few minutes longer than usual.

8. Cooking of poultry meat over high heat. Chicken or turkey is cooked quickly, but do not rush to put the broth over high heat. So you run the risk of "rubber" meat that has lost all taste, and it will be quite hard after cooling. Cook poultry is better on a low heat with the lid closed. It is important that the meat was completely covered with water, otherwise it will dry up even in the cooking process.

9. Putting some meat or fish on a non-heated pan. If the pan is not yet warmed up properly, the meat or the fish will stick and prepare uneven. Do not forget that to wait until the pan begins to burn oil, too, is not worth it.

10. Cooking eggs or omelets over high heat. Because protein yolk cook more quickly, you risk overcook your meal and get a nasty burnt crust. To yolk could reach the readiness of the fire for cooking eggs or omelets to be weak.

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