What perfume girls want on March 8: interviewed 27,000 followers on Instagram

For many of us, the past year has sharpened our sense of smell (and taste) for life. On the eve of the holiday of spring and beauty, it's time to thaw out, take off the "armor" of outerwear and feel lightness. Freely breathe in your favorite scent and leave a delightful sillage behind you.

I polled my subscribers in Instagram what perfume they would like to receive as a gift. The answers were very different, because we are all individual, but I singled out five scents, which were repeated with enviable consistency.

What perfume girls want on March 8: interviewed 27,000 followers on Instagram

"Pink" and "green" classics

It's amazing how CHANEL CHANCE has managed to be loved and desired over the years. This was confirmed by the participants in my experiment, who return to this perfume again and again. In spring, its sound is revealed differently - it is a whirlwind of freshness, energy and joy of life! A playful floral aroma lurks in a green rounded bottle, in which the softness of jasmine and piercing notes of teak wood are harmoniously intertwined.

Pink CHANCE is an even softer interpretation of a fragrance with a feminine and soft character.

One in a million

If CHANEL CHANCE is an opportunity to grab another lucky chance, then Paco Rabanne's Lady Million gold perfume is aimed at making its owner feel special. The sweet-sour combination of raspberry and lemon notes is replaced by a floral sound - a creamy jasmine scent with gardenia accords. The trail envelops with sweetness and spices. By the way, jasmine is a true aphrodisiac that attracts both men and women.

A new generation scent

Several girls unanimously announced that they want to receive a novelty fragrance, which everyone is talking about, as a gift. A sensational perfume that has turned the usual perception of floral fragrances - My Way by Giorgio Armani. This is a white bouquet enclosed in a talisman bottle. Fresh and captivating, it conveys not only love of freedom, independence, strength, but also endless femininity.

Try to imagine the "riot" of this aroma yourself: it opens with tickling notes of bergamot and slightly sharp orange blossom, in the heart of the aroma of tuberose is intertwined with jasmine, and the notes of the trail convey the woody sound of cedar, combined with viscous vanilla and white musk. You definitely want to pour this unusual cocktail on yourself!

Woven from contradictions

The scent is attractive, but at the same time repulsive. But there are definitely no indifferent to it: some fall in love with Baccarat Rouge 540, having heard a unique train from a girl passing by, others use it and are not going to change, because a richer and richer composition is difficult to find, and still others want to get it as a gift, because the perfume is expensive, and not everyone can afford it allow.

Advice for men: If you want to present this scent to a lady of the heart who has never tested it, do not buy the full size right away. The perfume is peculiar: it can conquer from the first notes, or there may be a conflict and dislike. But a small bottle (cast) for the main gift, I think everyone will be happy to receive.

Unobtrusive lightness

In the ever-changing world of fragrances, Escentric 02 remains one of the most mysterious. The composition contains ambroxan and muscone - two unique molecules - intriguing, surprising and overwhelming. Despite the aphrodisiac charm, this perfume reminds me of a refreshing invigorating cocktail of gin and tonic, with transparent ice cubes and a thin lemon wedged in it.

Many girls wrote that they are crazy about Molecules: the aroma is ideally adjusted to each of its owners. And those who have never had this perfume in their collection, of course, dream of getting it!

“I associate you with this scent” - this is one of the options with which words can be used to present a perfume as a gift. Although he will convey intimate feelings and emotions better than words! An iridescent bottle with a beautiful scent for a mother or grandmother is the attention that they sometimes lack so much. For a close friend or sister - a way to fulfill one of your desires. And a perfume as a gift for a beloved girlfriend or wife is the one hundred and first reason for a romantic confession (and a date)!

Sincerely, Oksana
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