Magnetic storms february 2021: dates

February, unfortunately, will not be geomagnetic calm.

Magnetic storms make our life more difficult, they affect our well-being, can provoke discomfort and are especially dangerous for people who suffer from high blood pressure attacks (hypertension).

The magnetic storm calendar helps to plan work and rest in such a way as to reduce the negative impact of geomagnetic disturbances.

Magnetic storms in February 

Magnetic storms are expected in February 2021, forecasters report. There will be four of them at once.

Magnetic storm February 7-10

Already at the start of the month, a magnetic burst is predicted, its intensity will be average. The problem is that the storm will last for three whole days.

The peak will be on January 9th.

Magnetic storm on February 15

February 15 (Monday) we advise you to postpone difficult work and emotional meetings, since the new week will present us with an unpleasant gift, a magnetic storm of quite high intensity.

There is a risk of deterioration in health, weakness.

Magnetic storm on February 22

The surge of medium strength is expected on February 22, fortunately, it will be short-lived.

Magnetic storm on February 27

This magnetic storm will be weak and will go unnoticed for many.

But if you react to the weather, you may experience an exacerbation of chronic illnesses that day.

Magnetic storm: why is it dangerous?

Magnetic storms affect the cardiovascular system, which is fraught with weakness, headaches and pressure surges. To reduce the negative impact, try to work less on days of disturbances, avoid physical labor and walk more in the fresh air!


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