Choose a houseplant in the sign of the zodiac

Rarely a home goes without houseplants. But how to choose them correctly and in accordance with the sign of the zodiac?

according to astrologersFor people of a lot of all surrounding objects, smells, sounds, signs of the zodiac influence. They can act both positively and negatively, add or take away energy, improve or worsen health. This is also true to indoor plants that surround us every day.

Below is a list of plants that are beneficial to the signs of the zodiac. However, remember that you should not be upset, if not on the list would be your favorite plants. If next to them you feel better - so you managed to tame the power of the flower.


This zodiac sign fit all the bright colors - orange, red, yellow, as well as those who have a high stem and thorns. Including rose, begonia, ehmeya sparkling, Indian or Japanese azalea, grenades and geranium.


Taurus - the sign of a stable and purposeful. He fit kalanchoe, violet, cyclamen. These plants attract in life financial well-being.


Changeable and slightly frivolous suit Twins ferns, ivy and palm trees. Good also affects the sign Hodiaka Chlorophytum, which helps to clear the air.


Astrologers believe that cancers suitable flowers that need to be watered in time and dosage. This can be agave, begonia, aloe, dieffenbachia, fuchsia. This plant will save Rakov from too sudden mood swings, as well as help to make new acquaintances.

a lion

Lions, according to astrologers, fit bright and / or unusual colors - the same as the sign itself. Excellent fit in the home of Leo narcissus, croton, palm, dieffenbachia, aloe, gardenia and rose. Success in the work and personal life will contribute to the calla.


Virgos need vines, as well as those whose roots are not immersed in the soil. it is also suitable dracaena and Syngonium - help "ease" in nature, bring it started to end, positive energy. Among the flowers for Dev - philodendron, Monstera, Epipremnum, tsissus.


The main plant of this zodiac sign is considered the Decembrists. But keep the fire of passion in the bedroom will help the orchid. Libra also recommend azaleas, camellias, hibiscus, cayenne pepper, chrysanthemum.


Scorpio is better to choose picky in care houseplants - philodendron, Monstera, vine, camellia. Also lucky talisman of this zodiac sign are considered to cacti.


Sagittarius is helpful to cultivate citrus fruits - such as lemon. This plant will contribute to the success and expansion of horizons. they are also suitable gerberas, lilies, orchids, begonias.


Success of Capricorn and his emotional balance will contribute Ficus, laurel and dracaena. To achieve the financial peaks will Crassula - the main mascot of Capricorn.


Aquarius fit unusual house plants - ragwort, reo motley, ferns. And the poinsettia will reveal new talents.


Pisces calm approach Jade, hyacinths, orchids. Also, they are well affect the algae in aquariums and azalea helps maintain inner harmony.

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