7 things that attract men to women It's not about looks!

Everyone is used to thinking that men love with their eyes. But you know, looks only make the first impression. But in order to build a serious relationship, you need something completely different. Appearance in a strong union does not play the most important role.

7 things that attract men to women It's not about looks!

There are things that are very attracted to men in women.

Self confidence

You should not assume that a woman should only live with one goal in order to please her lover. In fact, this is an unattractive trait. It's bad if you have absolutely no purpose in life and only think of it as a romantic relationship. Overconfidence is not self-righteousness and pride. This means that you are in control of your life, confident in your words and your actions. Someone else's opinion cannot affect your self-esteem in any way.


How much this word contains! Remember, men don't like women who pretend to be weak and helpless. With such you can just spend the night, and then forget about them. You have to be feminine, but not pretend to be who you are not! The man next to you should feel like a hunter who needs to make an effort to win you over. You have to take care of yourself and let the man conquer you. He should feel needed, staying close to a gentle, attractive and mysterious woman.


It's a myth that men like silly ones. Rather, it also speaks of a feigned, weak, aimless, one just wants to use it, and then completely forget it. Only foolish guys like stupid women. And a real man is able to appreciate an intelligent woman, and not be afraid of her intelligence. A woman's mind turns men on. Just do not overdo it, you do not need to lecture a man, be clever. Do not consider yourself smarter than everyone else, it repels.


A real man will appreciate a woman's independence, and this will not affect his self-esteem in any way. It is wrong to think that independent women do not need men at all. They don't need fools, weaklings, empty men. A woman who has achieved a lot herself, who has her own independent opinion, goals in life, desires, to which she herself follows, is very attracted to men!


Men are very attracted to women who simply relate to all the troubles of life, who steadfastly endure the blows of fate and are optimistic about everything. They are easier to relate to themselves, to their own and other people's shortcomings, and can laugh at any situation. Such women absolutely do not care what others think of them. Remain yourself, even if you said something stupid, the most important thing is that you can laugh at it.

Optimism and a sense of humor

When a woman is constantly in a sad mood, and for any mistake she starts to beat in hysterics, she does not want to protect and protect her at all. I want to run away from this. Negativity in your head is highly contagious, so you need to be optimistic. Also, work on your sense of humor, it attracts men so much. But that doesn't mean you can't have bad days!


A kind woman is simply beyond competition. She respects others, never speaks badly about people, she just shines with kindness. Most of all, men like to watch a woman interact with small children or take care of animals, this shows her kindness.

Men, do you have anything to add to this list?

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