What should be the right portfolio for the student: advice of Dr. Komarovsky

For the correct posture of the child, it is important to choose the right bag. Otherwise schoolbag can harm a child's health.

Making Sense suggests Dr. Komarovsky.

According to the pediatrician, school bag should correspond to the five essential requirements.

№1. Correct "landing" backpack: it should nahoditmsya at waist level, resting on the buttocks.

№2. It has to be tough back in the portfolio. This will help prevent the development of scoliosis and kyphosis.

What should be the backpack / istockphoto.com

№3. Schoolbag is considered correct if it fits snugly to the back, and his harness - to the shoulders. Also important is the presence of the lock on his stomach. This ensures that no rolling portfolio while walking.

№4. Harness on a backpack should have a soft paste.

№5. It is also an important requirement for the portfolio is considered to be safe on the road. On the knapsack have to be retro-reflectors for a child to be seen in the dark at a distance of 120 meters.

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