Life style hyugge: 5 Danish secrets of happiness

The term "hyugge" translated into Russian is not easy.

Danes call them a certain set cosinessComfort and well-being. We collected advice of one of the happiest peoples of arrangement under the laws of their home "hyugge".

1. Make a cozy home and office

Danes are totally focused on minimalism. Among the predominant colors in the interior: white, beige, cream and gray, dusty blue. As a mandatory element of the decor are lovely details: scented candles, lampshades, bookshelves, ceramic tableware. Danes believe that they create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort.

2. Invite your guests

Virtual communication can never replace this. Danes really believe in this statement, so try to arrange family or friendly gatherings as often as possible. Scientists have proved: live communication improves the hormone of happiness and relaxes the nervous system, relieves stress. Invite friends to your home and enjoy pleasant company.

3. Learn to cook

Atmospheric home gatherings include the ability to prepare a tasty dish. To fully feel the hyugge, learn how to cook pies lush apples or plums. Also in the list of dishes fall weather: cocoa, stews and hot chocolate. Important to know: cook in Danish - a synonym for the adverb "slowly". Enjoy the process of buying products at the store until the final decoration dishes.

4. Wear comfortable clothes

Oversayz now at the peak of popularity. Due bagginess things a person can feel the full comfort and freedom. Replace heels that are "right" shoe boots to go low. Buy warm surround coat with a wool lining instead of short jackets. Also add to the arsenal hoodies, sweaters, soft scarves and wide trousers. Danish fashion promotes simplicity and brevity.

5. find a hobby

Life should not be reduced to only work and family chores. It is important to remember the time for yourself. Find something for everyone: art, sports, painting - it is now available to any type of activity than ever before. The main thing - to start. And then comes the most cherished "hyugge".


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