How people relate to you, they really are

In human relationships, the most difficult thing is understanding the true nature of another person. It is impossible to get to know a person and understand who he is in just two days of communication. It takes time to get to know a person, because people often do not show their true colors. Why? Because at first, when communicating with strangers or unfamiliar people, everyone turns on the defense mechanism, so we can protect ourselves from opinions and judgments that cripple our psyche. But there are people who pretend to be far from harmless reasons.

How people relate to you, they really are

To see a person for real, you need to look at his attitude towards you. For example, if a person feels guilty for something, he will be aggressive and direct his negativity towards others. So, if someone suddenly began to accuse you of something, without giving any evidence, it means, most likely, the person himself feels a sense of guilt for such an offense, which is very strong torments.

The liar will accuse you of lying. Moreover, at first it will look like he is trying to throw dust in your eyes, and you cannot even understand what exactly you are being blamed for, what you are accused of. But, perhaps, the person has no thought to manipulate you, maybe he is so accustomed that everyone is deceiving him that he simply stopped trusting everyone. Therefore, the first thought that comes to his mind is: "They want to deceive me."

Classics - a cheater always accuses others of treason. For example, in a relationship. The strange behavior of your partner will drive you crazy, and you will wonder why you did it that he accuses you of cheating. Maybe you looked at someone, maybe someone called you or the partner himself, someone said something unpleasant about you. It's good that your partner has signs of jealousy, but things should be reasonable. If he behaves like an insane jealous person every time you communicate with strangers, it will be really tiring. And in general, it is immature! You haven't done anything wrong, why so many claims?

But the reason for this behavior can be quite simple! He himself is prone to adultery, and therefore suspects you of the same. Perhaps this is the experience of his previous relationship, or maybe he is now inclined to this. It's just that your loyalty to him seems like something too good, and it is much more convenient for him to believe that you are also to blame, like him.

If a person makes you feel insecure, then they are not sure of themselves either. You may have met individuals who like to troll people on the Internet. They humiliate, insult, and really make you feel insecure. But all these Internet commentators who say that you are fat, you look bad, you have an unhappy family - yourself unhappy and consider themselves ugly, unloved, etc. Against your background, they begin to feel better and somewhat more confident in yourself.

Why am I all this? To the fact that you cannot allow anyone to assert themselves at your expense. If you feel that a person is behaving towards you in some way unworthy, wrong, he offends you and offends you with his behavior, then immediately put him in his place.

You don't have to be the one who helps people overcome their feelings of inferiority. You deserve to be treated with respect, dignity and kindness! What do you think, agree?

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