Yakub learned that Saadet was his own mother. Love versus fate

In the Yorukhan family, Yakub always felt like an adopted child. And after many years, having learned the truth, he became angry with the whole family.

Yakub was ruled by resentment and pain from betrayal. He wanted to take revenge on Keimet Hanım and Kahraman and take the family business into his own hands.

For this, he decided to cure Maksud, hoping that he would help him get rid of his younger brother.

Yakub learned that Saadet was his own mother. Love versus fate

Ironically, Yakub's mother turned out to be Saadet, who was Yakub's own mother. But Yakub did not know about this yet.

Saadet was in no hurry to tell her son the truth, she decided to wait until Ziya Bey was operated on.

But Shukran learned the truth. She met with Saadet and learned about Keimet's dirty tricks in her youth.

When Maqsood recovered, he told Yakub that he was not going to take revenge on the Yorukhans. He realized that no one could destroy the love of Elif and Kahraman.

Yakub was crushed. The last hope of getting rid of Kahraman collapsed.

Shukran, in order to support her husband, said that Saadet was his own mother, and Maksud was his brother.

Yakub did not understand how this was possible. How could this woman look him in the eye and hide the truth.

Without thinking twice, Yakub decides to talk to Saadet.

Yakub rebuked Saadet, asking why she appeared before him right now, and how she could have abandoned him in infancy.

Saddet told Yakub how he was torn from her breast, passing off as her son Keimet.

Saadet showed Yakub a bundle of his children's clothes and newspaper clippings, which all this time warmed her soul.

- You were happy son and I did not want to disturb your peace. But when I found out that you know that Keimet is not your mother, I decided to talk about everything.

I waited only for one thing - for Zia Bey to get better.

Yakub believed this woman, but she remained a stranger to him. Someone else's voice, someone else's hands, someone else's speech.

Yakub got confused, he did not know how to live further. And I decided to talk to my father.

Yakub told Ziya Bey how Keimet took him away from his own mother. How Saadet suffered all her life and carefully preserved his things. Zia Bey listened and cried. Keimet khanim ruined his life, depriving his beloved woman.

Yakub asked his father if he would like to meet with Saadet and Zia Bey agreed.

This heartbreaking meeting of two lovers who, after 47 years, were finally able to talk.

But, more on that in the next article.

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