5 reasons why to give birth "for yourself"


Many mothers think that by giving birth to a child, they provide themselves with a happy old age. But the child does not save from loneliness. You must remember that maternal love and love for a man are not the same thing.


A woman who has given birth to a child prepares an airbag for herself and the child in advance. In the first year of a child, families spend a lot of money, but life is diverse, and it is difficult to provide for your life for 15-20 years in advance.


Statistics say that since postpartum depression every 20th woman in the world faces. And although some people think that this is just a whim, doctors are categorical: nothing can be done with our hormones. After discharge from the hospital, many responsibilities are added in the house, and the woman's psyche is not ready to cope with this alone.



No matter how strong the connection a mother has to her child, she will never be able to give him what a full-fledged family would bring up in him.


A woman who wants to have a child for herself is automatically ranked as a single mother. Mom needs to answer awkward questions every time, and, of course, there is no way to hide from sidelong glances and conversations behind her back.

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