7 mistakes you make while protecting yourself from coronavirus

Check to see if you are wasting time and effort in useless action.

Wear a mask all the time

It is not right! If you are sick, the mask protects those around you from infection. If you are healthy, you will breathe through a piece of tissue that traps viruses and encourages their reproduction. If you are just walking on the street, do not wear mask, because breathing through a piece of cloth is very dangerous - a lack of oxygen leads to poor health.

Do not change the mask as often as necessary

Regular mask lasts only 2 hours, after that it makes no sense to wear it.

Drink lots of vitamins

If you have a normal and nutritious diet, your body is saturated with a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals. And taking all kinds of vitamin complexes can cause allergies and other unpleasant consequences.


Replace handwashing with an antiseptic

The most reliable way of prevention is to treat your hands with water and soap. If there is no access to water, use antibacterial wipes and alcohol solutions.

Wash your hands, forgetting about your face

It is not only on the hands that viruses accumulate. Therefore, when you come home, wash your hands and face thoroughly. You can do it without soap. It will be enough just to wash.

Go to the doctor at the first symptoms

A hospital is a collection of infection. If you have a high fever, chest pain and difficulty breathing, then you need to call a doctor. Non-urgent trips to the clinic only increase the risk of infection.

Believe any advice on the Internet

Learn to filter all the information that you read on social networks, forums and various sites.

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