5 health problems that nails point to

Take a closer look at the condition of your nails to find out a little more about the condition of the body!

Scientists in a new study, published in the Indian Dermatology Online Journal, named 5 diseasesthat can be diagnosed by nails.

Thyroid disorders 

Brittle and cracking nails indicate hypothyroidism, and if the nails are exfoliating, there may be an excess of thyroid hormones in the body.

Lung problems

If the lungs and heart do not cope with their task, saturate the body with oxygen, the nails can change color.

Should worry about the blue tint of the nail plate.


Psoriasis manifests itself on the skin, but the pathology does not bypass the nails either. Irregularities appear on the nail plate when a person has a weakened immune system.

Poor liver function

Pink stripes on the tips of the nails, when the nail itself is whitened, reveal an increased amount of connective tissue in the bed. About 68% of people with kidney failure have this minor symptom.


Diabetes mellitus worsens the condition of the nails, over time they discolor and acquire an unpleasant yellow tint. Doctors remind that redness of the skin around the nail is considered one of the early signs of diabetes.


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