10 interesting places near Kiev for a family enjoying the outdoors

Over the weekend, I want to drop everything and get away from the bustle of the city. We have collected for you 10 interesting places near Kiev for family holidays in nature.

The family vacation must take into account the interests of all members. Children and adults should be as interesting. Where to go near Kiev, to rest with advantage?

National Park Mezhigorie

National Park "Mezhyhiria" / open sources

This is a great place for families. The vast territory, beautiful well-groomed tracks. Beds are always dotted with flowers, and there during the May holidays magnolia blossoms and cherry. Children will be interesting to see the animals in the zoo to feed the fish in the ponds and run around the golf course. Also there you can rent bikes, eat and just relax.

Address: Kiev region., P. Petrivtsi street. Ivan Franko, 19

Input: on weekends and holidays - adult - 120 UAH, children - 50 UAH

Hunting Residence Suholuche

Hunting economy "Suholuche" / open sources

It is a picturesque place for a family vacation. There you can go on a picnic, fishing, camping and arrange to see the wild animals. Bring a carrot to treat Przewalski horses, which are not afraid to beg for food from visitors.

Address: Kiev region., P. Suholuche

Input: 50 UAH

Zoo XII Months

Zoo "12 months" / open sources

Near Kiev is a beautiful private zoo, "the XII months." On 16 hectares of land are located cages with animals. In the middle of the zoo is worth a beautiful castle, which houses the restaurant and toilets. The chip is a zoo that many animals can feed. Imagine how excited children get when fed a giraffe. Zoo significant disadvantage is that there is almost no shade. Previously, there was a field and trees are still small, so the sun can be hot here.

Address: Kiev region., P. Demidov Str. Willow, 79

Input: adult - 190 UAH for children from 3-6 years - 70 UAH

Ethnographic Complex "Ukrainian Village"

Ethno-complex "Ukrainian Village" / open sources

Do you want to show the kids this time of Ukraine Taras Shevchenko? Then you need to visit the ethnographic complex "Ukrainian Village", which is located 15 km from Kiev. In addition to the museum on site is a place for barbecue, children's playground, the hotel, the zoo.

Address: Kiev region., Street. Dmitrov, p. Buzova

Input: the territory - a free, entrance to the house - 10 UAH per person.

Kievan Rus Park

Kievan Rus Park / open sources

See the ancient Kiev can be in the "Kievan Rus Park" near Kiev. The territory is made in the style of the city of Kievan Rus. Here you can learn the art of pottery, archery, horseback riding.

Address: Kiev region., P. Kopacz

Input: May holidays - adult - 250 UAH, pensioners and students - 150 UAH, children - 50 UAH

Ostrich Farm in Yasnogorodka

Ostrich Farm in Yasnogorodka / open sources

See large and small ostriches, ride a camel and just relax the soul from the bustle of the city can be on an ostrich farm in Yasnogorodka near Kiev. There is also a zoo, restaurant, entertainment for children.

Address: Kiev region., P. Yasnogorodka Str. Podlesnaya, 32

Input: from May 1, UAH 100 - for children, 150 UAH - adult.

Arboretum "Alexandria"

Arboretum "Alexandria" / open sources

At 100 km from Kiev, in the city of White Church is located the amazing beauty of the arboretum "Alexandria". In an area of ​​200 hectares, you can see different kinds of plants, admire the waterfalls, lakes. The park is very cozy and beautiful.
Address: Kiev region., White church

Input: for adults - 25 UAH, for students and school children - 10 UAH

Museum of Folk Architecture and Life Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky

Museum in Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky / open sources

Something like this museum Pirogovo, but only exhibits here anymore. The museum is located Ukrainian buildings XVII-XIX centuries. Arriving at the museum, you find that you are in a different era. All houses are well maintained, it seems that there are people that came out a few minutes from his house, around the gardens and orchards. Also here you can see the "cabin on chicken legs" - a house forest quack.

Address: Kiev region., Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky Str. Chronicle, 2

Input: adult - 30 UAH, children - 15 UAH

Landscape Park in the village of Beeches

Beeches landscape park / open sources

Relatively young in a landscaped park. Beeches, Kyiv region. It was created by a businessman on a former landfill. He is small, but picturesque and comfortable. There are many monuments and statues, a fountain and "Fairy Glade" with statues of heroes of popular tales.

Address: Kiev region., P. beeches

Input: free

Buchansky city park

City park in Bucha / open sources

Cozy young park in Bucha with alleys, beautiful flowerbeds, statues and fountains. Adults here can admire the beauty of nature, have a picnic on the grass, and kids biking and rollerblading, visit the ropes course.

Address: Kiev region., Bucha, st. Institutskaya, 54

Input: free

Park Forest-Voditsa

Tram in the Forest-Vodice / open sources

Cozy quiet place near Kiev - Pushcha Voditsa. There is a cascade of lakes and picturesque forest. Barbecue facilities, a picnic, rent a catamaran and just relax.

Address: City Kiev, Obolonskiy district, st. Krasnoflotskaya 28


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