Are parcels from China dangerous due to the spread of the deadly coronavirus?

The World Health Organization and Ukrposhta issued statements in connection with the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus in China.

In China, people are still being killed by an unknown person until this moment coronavirus. It is gradually spreading to neighboring countries, however, fortunately, not a single case of the disease has yet been registered in Ukraine.

Chinese tourists are already being checked at Ukrainian airports, including for high temperatures. What about parcels ordered in China?

WHO says

The World Health Organization did not restrict the movement of goods or trade in Chinese goods. This means that any Ukrainian can, as before, buy goods from Chinese online stores.

How dangerous it is is hard to say. The WHO claims that they have not recorded evidence of the risk of the spread of coronavirus through goods.

Ukrposhta explained

The Ukrainian postal operator noted that it keeps in touch with the WHO and if a ban is imposed, it will immediately fulfill this order.

Ukrainian buyers still need to understand that the post office does not have the ability to check goods for the presence of a virus. It makes sense to pay attention to the location of the seller, as well as the situation with the coronavirus in the region where the goods you are interested in are stored.


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