8 Simple and natural remedies that will relieve your wardrobe from moths

Take note that home mole fears most.

To get rid of moles, which spoils clothesNo need to buy additional chemistry. Fairly simple natural remedies that exist in your home.


Normal household vinegar must be diluted with water at a ratio of 1: 1 and handle furniture to moles is not extended. It is important prior to treatment to remove from the closet clothes to bite he missed her, as may be stained.

Sachets with herbs

Preferably take sachet with lavender - it deters excellent mol. It will also help the rosemary and thyme. You can buy ready-made sachets or make your own from dried herbs and a bag of non-woven material. Sachet should be placed on the shelf in the closet and changed regularly.

cinnamon sticks

Specific good cinnamon flavor discourages mole, it sticks need to classify previously wrapped parchment paper. Also a bunch of sticks can be hung on a clothes rail.


Another spice with specific flavor, which can not tolerate mol. The clove oil contains natural insecticide eugenol, which repels insects. To enhance the effect, and dilute the flavor of cloves can stick it in the constellation orange and put it on the shelf in the closet.

Spray with essential oils

To get rid of moles, which have attacked your furniture, you need to prepare a spray with essential oils. For this purpose, sprayed with 0.5 liter of pure water, add a few drops of lavender or peppermint oil and treat the cabinet.

Bay leaf

Dried laurel leaves on the shelves in the closet perfectly deter mole. You can also boil water with laurel leaves to infuse flavors of the whole house.

Cedar bark

Put some cedar bark into cloth bag and hang it in the closet. The fresh bark - the better it will scare away insects: mole can not stand the conifers. So that the furniture has never been moth - order cabinet made of natural cedar.

Duct tape

Tape-trap flies also helps fight the moth. Pre-need to put on a tape of fish oil, which attract insects.

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