What berries can give your baby the first Dr. Komarovsky

Dr. Komorowski also said the best way to eat berries.

Summer - it's a unique opportunity to pamper your child fresh fruit and berriesThat are so important for a young growing organism. But what if the child is very small - whether to give him all the berries, if so, what and when to do to start the first encounter with them?

"In fact, categorically, definitely," Here with this berry to start! "- this is not. Grapes, currants, gooseberries, strawberries, strawberry, you just need to be sure of their quality. Here, indeed, is all. Again, we are well aware that when we start solid foods, the main rule: we do not give your child 150 berries. We give half of one, see how he reacted. Ok - wonderful.

Dr. Komarovsky told what berries can give your baby the first / istockphoto.com

Another piece of advice. You want to give the berry, you are in doubt. Do not start with the berries, but with kompotik of this berry. Even, so to speak, we took currants, poured boiling water over her, and gave the child a drink of some water (when cool, of course). No problem - given the whole berry. " - says Dr. Komarovsky.

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