4 main principles for the holidays with children: Dr. Komarovsky

The holiday season is in full swing, and be sure to bring their parents want the baby to the sea, to improve. But if the child is really so necessary to the sea?

That is actually necessary to consider going on holiday with your child, said Dr. Komorowski in his Instagram. Here'sa publication unchanged.

The main "Stay" principles

4 main principles for holidays with children / istockphoto.com

Give rest to the brain. Cease to learn, to change the situation. It is important to emphasize that the phrase "cease to learn" means the termination of forced initiation of the child "to enrich the memory of all those treasures created by mankind." Because you can learn other things that previously (before relaxation) time was not enough - the name of this flower, like the rain to make a fire, how to spread a worm hook, etc.

Feeding of appetite. (Do you want to - to do not want to - go away) implies the ability to satisfy the appetite.

The maximum possible motor activity. Walk, run, jump, swim. On foot, by boat, by bike.

Fresh air. Any cost outside the city, away from cars, factories, crowds, shops.

Implementation of the principles of rest requires consideration of some very urgent purely organizational factors. Rest of the child in any case should not turn into a challenge for his parents and the undermining of the family's material well-being, for unrefreshed mom and dad are bad for the child rested. It is obvious that to feed a child of the sea is much more expensive than in the village with my grandmother. Not to mention that the rest "on the seas," often turns into a constant struggle for existence - a place under the sun the beach and in the water, mining products, and problems with their preparation, unsanitary conditions "wild" beaches, rent, transportation to and from the sea and et al.

Dr. Komarovsky Tips / Instagram

Always remember that a global and fundamental change of residence (altitude, barometric pressure, humidity and air temperature) is often give rise to the so-called acclimatization syndrome - general malaise and increased propensity to illness in connection with the adaptation of the organism to new conditions existence. Acclimatization and problems connected with it, the more urgent, the farther away from home, the younger the child, the more he suffers, the more hazards civilization around him. Therefore, if your child for a year hurt, do not walk and suffered from a trip to the country may be much more useful than a holiday on the Mediterranean coast.

The rest, as well as in life, there is nothing uniquely good and uniquely bad. The sun - well, but you can not hide from it - it is bad, walking barefoot is good, but not on asphalt, sea ​​air and water - good, but 3 per square meter of the beach and the plunger 2 per cubic meter of water - badly.

All of the above - an attempt wording recreation strategy. Tactical issues are no less complicated, but the higher medical education do not require (provided that clear strategic objectives). It remains a little - to break it down, consider the pros and cons, to agree with the boss about vacation, get a savings and relax. Good luck to you!

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