Second child or firstborn

There are many suggestions on the Internet that the order of birth affects a child's intelligence.

However, not all assumptions are myths, American scientists unexpectedly confirmed one of the assumptions.

How talented a baby will be, how quickly it will achieve success in the industry, and whether the baby is born first or the next will affect whether the baby is born first or not.

Scientists from the University of Houston used data from the Project TALENT database, where information about 377 thousand people was collected. American schoolchildren.

They tested two theories with the program.

The first was that brothers and sisters choose different strategies for achieving success. If the first-borns behave traditionally, in behavior and in their careers, they demonstrate self-confidence, then later children become rebels, they are easier on the rise, they will take risks in business.

The second theory is called fusion, it says that the firstborn are more educated, because with the appearance in family of each next child, the incentive for development decreases, and children receive less attention from their parents.

Research results:

As a result, it turned out that first-born children really have a higher level of intelligence.


  • A child's IQ depends on the age of the mother.
  • A child's IQ can actually be determined by how he sleeps.
  • Scientists have found a link between the weight of a newborn and his IQ level.
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