How to keep food fresh: in terms of useful table

Often it is necessary to throw away food? Or maybe you simply store them correctly? Let us recall the simple and affordable ways to preserve foods

According to statistics for the year Ukrainians emit about 10 million tons food. Why? Because improperly stored products. At different temperatures different shelves of the refrigerator, and it depends on where the freezer - up or down. Assume that the closer to the freezer shelf is, the lower the temperature therein. What where to store - in our article.

Where in the refrigerator heat, and where very cold?

zone of freshness. Compartment with a temperature of about 0 C is very user-friendly, but there is not in every refrigerator. Here store fresh meat, fish, minced. Raw foods do not come into contact with others, because they are the source of microorganisms, including hazardous to humans.
Cool 'regiment (The approximate temperature of 1-3 C). Hold here sausage, cheese, sour cream, yogurt, cheese, cakes with cream.
Middle shelf (temperature is usually from 3 to 6 C). This place cooked food (much more convenient to break it into containers): soups, salads, meat dishes. In addition, butter, eggs, yoghurt, canned fish and meat (if they are open, be sure to pass them from the metal cans!).

warm regiment (About 6.9 C). There are comfortable "feel" the milk long storage, soft cheese sauces.
Shelf on the door. It is believed that this is the warmest place in the fridge: some manufacturers even for this reason is not recommended to store eggs here. Juices, mineral water - that they are the same place.

How to keep food fresh: in terms of useful table /

Where better to keep your vegetables?

Avocado, if it is cut, quickly darkens. Keep it in a container with a bulb - sulfur contained in the bulb will not give fruit darken. Refrigerator - not a place for avocados, especially unripe. If you want it to quickly become soft and ripe, store avocados in a paper bag opaque.
Potatoes do not keep in the refrigerator, the more close to the apples. It secretes a substance from which the fruits are perishable.
mushrooms (Especially mushrooms) Do not put in plastic bags and containers. In plastics, this product becomes toxic and quickly deteriorates. In the refrigerator - in a paper bag on the middle shelf or in a drawer for vegetables - mushrooms are stored for about a week.
Leaf salad. To protect against fading, wrap it in a damp cloth, which drip a little vinegar. And in the fridge!
cabbage better also be stored in a drawer for vegetables, and cobs up. Cooking does not cut the head, and just tear off the right amount of cabbage leaves.

How to maintain the products, if the light is turned off?

In our homes, it happens, electricity is cut off. This means that the refrigerator does not work. How to maintain the products?

Find out in advance the data sheet on the refrigerator, how long the machine keeps the required temperature for the preservation of foods. In these hours open the refrigerator as little as possible. If the equipment is not the ice packs, constantly keep in the freezer plastic bottles filled with salt water (5 Art. l. to 1 liter). They help to keep the cold for a while. And if the light is switched off for a long time, I cook foods to the "overexposure".
Meat separate from the bones. Boil the broth from them. Meat rinse in cold running water, dry and wrap in a cotton cloth soaked in vinegar solution (1 tbsp. l. acetic acid in 0.5 L water). Put in a saucepan with a tight-fitting lid, and it - in a basin of cold water.
sausage (Smoked) grease with vegetable oil and wrap in foil or parchment.
Milk boil, adding sugar (1 hr. l. to 1 liter). Cool, pour into a clean jar with a tight lid.
Butter put in a glass dish and cover with cold salt water (2 hours. l. to 1 liter). Cover and put in a dark cool place. Change the water 1 time per day.
Hard cheese Place in a paper bag or parchment. Along the edges, place a piece of refined sugar.

For processed cheese experience is not necessary, it may well be stored at room temperature for up to 2 weeks.
eggs wipe a cloth soaked in vegetable oil or butter and wrap in foil. Oil clog the pores of the shell and help keep the eggs fresh for at least 1 week.
Frozen food will have to cook and eat. They quickly unfrozen and refrozen they can not.

The shelf life of products - a useful table

How to keep food fresh: in terms of useful table / open sources

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