Things to do with kids in summer: 6 ideas from TV presenter Dmitry Chistyakov

A well-known Ukrainian TV presenter, author of the column "Daddy Blog" in the program "Morning with Inter" and leader of the project "Six hundred" on the TV channel "Inter", the young father Dmitry Chistyakov exclusively with readers He shared their experiences and told what parents need to be sure to go in the summer with the kids.


What I love summer? For the fact that Max can muster on the street without assistance. Winter flounder in the amount of his clothes. Now the main thing - to wear shorts and a cap. All parent is free. Another summer - time of holidays, so the seas, beaches and sun. But not everyone can afford to vacation abroad, and the rest within the country it is possible not to everyone. The solution is simple - use the pools in your city. It is clear, safe and clean. And in the big cities, there is also an open-air swimming pools. I think the most important children's summer pastime - playing with water. This hardening and sensory development, and eventually play in the water just fun. Wonderful warm memories of the child are guaranteed. So I, like a true resident of the apartment buildings in a big city came up with a very cool, it seems to me, the solution to this problem. I put on the balcony a small children's pool. In the hottest days of Maxim he has played in it from morning to evening. Of course, we try to leave the country, but when a large load on the job - it's real output.


When they do not sunbathe in the summer? Sun - a cure for all diseases. But it should be treated wisely. I let her son for a walk in the sun until 10 am and after 17 pm. According to experts, at this time the sun safely.


In order not to miss the summer, it is necessary to use heat to the maximum. If the fall, winter and spring we are constantly talking about the fact that the child necessarily have to be in the fresh air from two hours a day, in the summer this time increases to 24 hours a day. We try to withdraw his son for a walk. Scooter, bicycle, stroller for parents! Even in the courtyard of the high-rise, you can make a real pick-nick. You need to bring your blanket, sandwiches, water and toys. And in the bank of memories another pleasant day.

BUILD Shalash

Children love to play with them parents. It is no secret that we often do not really want to. And that's fine, because an adult to play children's games are not interesting. But I have a game that will appeal not only to children. An adult will also be fascinated by it. I'm talking about the construction of the hut! Baby will bring you a stick, apply tools, and you will again remember the lessons of labor in school.

Travel with a toddler

At the weekend go with your child on a journey! For baby travel - any change of scenery! Go to the country, the forest park! The main thing is not to sit in the four walls of the apartment! To do this, you will have three months of winter.

Does not forbid!

Rejoice warmth, nature, mosquitoes! To the latter are not strained its buzzing recommend to buy a special Serey! Dear mothers and grandmothers, let children run around barefoot in the park, to break the knees, splash water, drink cold water! Allow them to soak his feet and clothes! Let the kids develop a taste for the summer and will remember it as the best time of the year when you can have fun always and everywhere!

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