Doctors have named unexpected reasons why you sweat

Sweating can often be an embarrassing moment for everyone.

However, not always cause lies exclusively in the heat outside or elevated body temperature. Doctors have identified a number of other reasons that may contribute to this.

Menopause or adolescence

Sweating is often caused by hormonal changes. It can be both menopause and adolescence. In the first case, the doctor must prescribe hormone therapy to the woman, which will regulate the processes in the body. It's simple with teenagers. It is enough just to carefully monitor your hygiene and not forget about deodorants.

Endocrine system problems

The issue with the thyroid gland is becoming more serious. It is quite simple to identify the problem if you observe the state of the body. Thyroid problems make themselves felt when you feel hot even in cold weather. In this case, sweating is very intense, which indicates a possible thyrotoxicosis. Together with this symptom, the patient can also be diagnosed with insomnia, weakness and increased irritability.

Vegetovascular dystonia

This problem affects the errors in the functioning of the autonomic nervous system. With such questions, the patient experiences difficulties with the work of the vascular and respiratory systems. At the same time, heat exchange is also disrupted.


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