Synthetic blend: how much you need and how to calculate the amount of supplementary feeding. Table

The child cries at bedtime? Is it always a sign that he is undernourished? Are you sure that your child is in need of supplementary feeding with formula? Enter it under strict rules, taking advantage of our table

To see if your child needs supplementationNeed to go to the pediatrician, to actively support breastfeeding, or lactation consultant. Soft breasts, which allegedly does not have time to be filled with milk and to provide your baby the necessary amount of milk to him, and crying baby, many mothers who take for "riot hungry" are not the basis for the introduction of supplementary feeding. Trust the experts!

How to give a mixture of supplementation

If the need for a lactation aid still exists, let his child according to the rules:
1. First, give your child one breast, then the other. And only then - milk mixture. Until the baby is hungry, he will rapidly suck, emptying the breast "bottoms up" and thereby stimulating the production of a mother breast milk.
2. Keep the baby under each breast for at least 15 minutes.

This is necessary for full stimulation of the breasts, as well as to the child's brain centers managed to pass into the stomach to signal saturation. To do this, you need to keep the baby and under the breast for 15-20 minutes.
3. Finish feeding the baby formula from a bottle with a spoon, do not use pacifiers. Otherwise, the baby may refuse the breast. In addition, when feeding from a nipple there is a huge risk to overfeed the baby and put it on the brink of severe disease, one of the worst among them is allergic.

Synthetic blend: how much you need and how to calculate the amount of supplementary feeding /

How long does it blend?

There are many techniques to help calculate the required amount of milk mixture. Most of them are quite complex and quite difficult without expert to use them. Focus on the recommendations of the WHO about the rate of weight gain of the child and the amount of milk that should receive the baby. And remember: overeating for baby is just as dangerous as malnutrition.

How to grow your baby

At the age of 0 to 6 months grudnichok, according to WHO standards, should get at least:

  • 18 g per day;
  • 125 g per week;
  • 500 g per month.

Test of wet diapers

To check whether a pipsqueak eats exactly do the test on wet diapers. There should be at least 12 per day (6 diapers). You have less? Organize a co-sleeping, attachment on request, remove the pacifier crumbs show the doctor.

How to calculate supplementation: volumetric method

Introducing you to the table:

Synthetic blend: how much you need and how to calculate the amount of supplementary feeding / open sources

Approximate daily amount of food for a child aged up to 12 months

Example: A child aged 3 months, having a body weight of 5200 g should receive milk from a 1/6 weight calculation, i.e. 5200: 6 = 866 ml milk.

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