Write letters to Santa Claus and Saint Nicholas: helpful tips and addresses

4 December - a special day for all children of the world, to this day, many post offices of the world are beginning to send letters to Santa Claus. So it's time to rethink your desire to cook a nice Christmas envelope with your child write a letter to Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas. And we'll show you by what addresses to send letters to Santa Claus and Saint Nicholas

Letter to Santa Claus - not just child's play, it is often written and adults, so do not hesitate to come up with the most cherished desire and sit down to write the magic letters. Write with your child, let him touch the magic and give the faith in a miracle!

How to write a letter?


To begin with, discuss it with your child desires and dreams, and together choose the most important and meaningful for the baby. Then take a nice paper or print the letter template on the Internet (there are plenty of different options to suit all tastes) and write the letter.

Do not forget about politeness, Thank you for your assistance in the execution desires. If you write a letter and send it, it is sure to reach the addressee and shall be done, the main thing to think of the most cherished desire and believe in its implementation.

Letter to Santa Claus in Lapland


As you know, real Santa Claus - Joulupukki - lives in Finland, that is where it is a real residence. It's a fairy tale, not only for children but also for adults, so here on a tour of the children come from all over the world. In addition, the residence can write a letter to Joulupukki, which is sure to respond to each.

Address:Joulupukin kammari, 96930 Napapiiri, Rovaniemi, Finland

Where to send the letters to St. Nicholas?


November 30 in Kiev will open a real magical residence of St. Nicholas, where the kids will be able to write a letter and visit entertainment.

On the opening day the guests will visit the Cabinet of St. Nicholas in the Great Lavra Bell Tower, as well as an overview of I and II Residence tier, visitors will pass through the arch and desires to travel the roads of St. Nicholas.

And children and adults will be bored in the Big Lavra Belfry of the National Kyiv-Pechersk Preserve on the opening day will be held exhibition of dolls. At the rate you will be presented works of masters of Ukraine, Israel and Georgia.

Address:city Str. Lavra, 9, Great Lavra Bell Tower

In addition, small Ukrainians can always send letters to the permanent residence of St. Nicholas in Ukraine by the address:"House of St. Nicholas" Ivano-Frankivsk region. Kossovski rn p. Pistyn, 78633 or e-mail [email protected]

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