TOP-3 main rules of how to raise a child in love

Children need your love. Otherwise, their child's psyche can go cracks from an early age, which is fraught with problems in the future.

Today we will share three main rulesthat will help you let your child know that you love him.


At an early age, children are more like wound toys that rush from corner to corner. But it is important to understand: even in such cases, it is worth talking to children from an early age. Therefore, to create an atmosphere of love and warmth, patiently answer any questions the child has. Speak and analyze your and his emotions. Express your feelings, don't hide them in yourself. Also worth noting: you need to hear your child. Do not criticize his undertakings, but make it clear that you are always at the same time with him.

Teach your child

Psychologists have proved that children with whom their parents regularly studied either the same lessons, or additionally read, took them to circles, most often became more successful in adult life. Small children are your project, which you must promote and modernize in every possible way. However, it is worth noting: this model of behavior is only working until adolescence. Then it is worth giving the children freedom in their actions.

Personal boundaries

From the age of 11-12, you look differently in the eyes of a child. It is worth realizing this in advance. You must be aware of where the child's personal boundaries are and in no case should you violate them. Give him freedom. Better yet, explain what is good and what is fraught with negative consequences.


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