Preparing children for school: courses addresses and development centers in Ukraine

Worried that the child is not ready for school? Pay attention to the special children's training courses, express courses and centers of early development - useful addresses you will learn from this article

The kid grows up and the time when the child should go to school. How to prepare for school in advance to know the basics of the alphabet and arithmetic, language and logical thinking? This will help special training and development courses and centers of early development for future first-graders. Editorial Kolobok.uahas compiled a list of addresses of courses to prepare for school, it is worth paying attention to.


School of the Future first-grader
English, modeling, logic, mathematics, reading
Str. Dragomanov, 17 ;?
Str. Copernicus
?(044) 570-76-78

Center for development of children and adults' Kid Aristotle "
English, yoga therapist, mini garden, Music, preparation for school, gymnastics, choreography
Str. Meitus, 4
(068)963-57- 59, (050)827-90- 53
Str. Yakub Kolas,
(097)883-92- 45, (044)223-60- 23, (044)403-01- 15

School of the creative development of children "Uhtyshka"
English, preparation for school, creative activities
Urlovskaya Str., 8.
(044) 573-80-60, (044) 229-01-42
Early Learning Center "Vitaminka"
English, logic, preparation for school

? Pravda ave., 64-G
(044) 332-40-41, (093) 211-55-77?
active child's school
Preparing for school, kindergarten, speech therapist, psychologist, French, choreography, visual arts
Heroes of Stalingrad pr. 2D.
(044)387 30 00; (050) 311 30 00; (050) 462 09 05
Lyceum M. FROM. Grushevskogo
Dekabristov Str. 8-A.
Preparing for school, reading, speed reading, mathematics, logic training arm to the letter.
(050) 546-12-86

Children's Center "Academy of Childhood"
Preparing for school, English language, mathematics, logic modeling.
Lesya Ukrainka blvd., 29
(044) 501-60-22, 8 (097) 274-64-17


School joy Elena Cherniavskaya
Preparing for school, music, yoga, choreography, kindergarten
Rebellion, etc.., 12/20.
(057) 728-91-05
Children's club «FinnaRibba»
Preparing for school, math, choreography, music, singing, gymnastics
Ochakovo per., 2B
(093) 867-33-52, (096) 667-08-46
Child Development Studio "Rainbow"
Preparing for school psychologist, a drama school, English language and choreography.
Grigorovskiy Highway 57
(097) 69 99 302
Family Club "Tradition"
Reading, rhythm, preparation for school, psychologist, gymnastics, modeling
Il'icha ave., 89. ?(095) 727-57-62
Early Learning Center "Confetti"
English psychologist, school preparation
Heroes of Stalingrad Avenue. 12.
(063) 369-31-11,
(099) 645-32-40


Children's Training Center "The Mansion-Unoin»
English, preparation for school, speech, logic, rhythm, music, choreography, gymnastics
Fontanskaya road st., 33/1
(048) 736-00-76, (097) 309-76-76, (099) 279-76-76, (093) 639-76-76

Early Learning Center "minim"
Preparing for school psychologist, choreography, music, painting, yoga, English
Dobrovolsky ave., 126
(048) 70-69-856
Children's Center Early Development "Mary Poppins"
Theater Studio, drawing, rhythm, preparation for school, gymnastics, English language
Breus Str. 63/1
(095) 469-37-01
Development Center "Zhirafenok"
Preparing for school psychologist, choreography, music, gymnastics, English language
Sakharov str., 36
(048) 700-22-32, 751-33-11, (063) 726-81-59
Early Learning Center "A-B-B-D-Dyck"
Preparing for school psychologist, speech therapist, choreography
Glushko Akademika ave., 21F
(097) 486-03-36

Early Learning Center "Club talented children"
English mini-garden, preparation for school
Working st., 89
(066) 3302049, (068) 4042402
Children's Development Center and creativity "I myself"
Gymnastics, drawing, modeling, preparation for school, English.
Pushkina ave., 13
(0562) 36 -84-73, (098) 555-67-87
Children's Development Center "Tent of Miracles"
Preparing for school, speech, singing, art studio, choreography, English
Kirova pr., 35
(067)165-62-40, (095)755-56-50
The children's center "Indigo Kids"
Preparing for school, English language
Plekhanov Str., 15-B
(096) 790-94-95
Family Development Center and Arts "Art-Mansion"
Preparing for school, vocals
Red Cossacks Str. 25B
(095) 488-50-30


Child development center "Kuzma"
Preparing for school, children's holidays
Zubrovskaya str., 32? (067) 778-31-31
Early Learning Center «Baby Club»
English, psychologist, speech therapist, school preparation, choreography
Chornovil pr., 67
(032) 232-79-62, (067) 672-63-13

Center for Children and Family Development "Lala Before... By Lala "
Preparing for school, speech therapist, psychologist, gymnastics, drawing
Kastelivka Str., 8.
(097) 324-65-21, (063) 849-90-14
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