Leather and suede bikers from Befree: review from the store

We continue with you reviews of autumn clothes from the stores, in Befree we have already tried on a huge batch of jackets, windbreakers and thin jackets, and today we'll see if their leather jackets are good. The biker jacket has been the basic one for many years and I can say that it is a fairly common wardrobe item. In addition to leather, they also have suede, of course, the material is not natural, whatever is there. Which is not a minus, but for many it is also a bold plus.

You can wear a biker jacket with your usual jeans, and with trousers, and in a tandem, already beloved by many, with a light dress and rough boots. As for the color - colored leather is now relevant, you can not be limited to the banal black. Monochrome images such as total brown or beige, for example, are relevant. The leather jacket can be bright, then it will be an accent in the image and salvation for the eyes from gray despondency.

I have rather miniature parameters and not in every store I can find things that are suitable in size. Several years ago, Bifri helped me out pretty well - I found suitable sizes there, because not every xs is actually small, now you can find one that a girl of size m can easily climb into it. Loose fit is sometimes so loose

and at ease.

Leather biker jacket

Composition: 100% polyurethane, lining: 100% polyester

Price: 2549 rubles

The jacket is available in four colors: black, white, beige and pink. I like beige leather jackets, you can create a lot of cool looks with them, they look interesting. When my black leather jacket breaks down, maybe I'll take a beige one, but not now, because there is nowhere to hang my junk, I here, you see, took the path of minimalism. Nearly. Well I'm going to. Spirit.

Bifri has a shortened version and at the same time a straight cut, is this relevant? Quite. Suitable for those who want to make their legs visually longer, as well as for miniature ones. Stylists say that a large oversized sweater should easily fit under a good modern leather jacket. You can take one size up to make the cut looser.

As for the quality of the material, the jacket looks pretty nice in beige, not the worst option. It is not thin like oilcloth and does not hold its shape. But black did not fit me at all, it looks cheap and has an unpleasant shine, which often gives out inexpensive things under the skin.

How do you like it?

Suede biker jacket

Price: 2549 rubles

Composition: 90% polyester, 10% elastane, lining: 100% polyester

A very similar cut, only without a belt at the bottom, in principle, quite classic for a leather jacket. Available in four colors: beige, brown, dark green and black. In our store, I found 2 colors. The cut is no longer straight, but semi-fitted, given the length, I don't like it.

There are a lot of suede jackets in Bifri this year, they made it their hobbyhorse for fall 2020. Last time we saw a couple of other models with you, I'll leave a link below. And everywhere there is one pain - density. I do not like the quality of this eco-suede, it is rather flimsy. It turns out not a jacket, but some kind of jacket. Is the leather jacket an exception? No.

This is how their eco-suede looks up close

The jacket looks better when unbuttoned, very often you can find one fashionable advice - do not button the jacket. In our climatic conditions, this is not always true, if I am cold and the wind blows through, I neglect fashion and just button up.

Once I read such a statement that a real fashionista must foresee weather changes and, if it is cold, wear something warm, but in no case a buttoned leather jacket. Ha. No. Three times ha. I don’t have the gift of foresight, I don’t consider myself a fashionable snob, and I live well at the same time. Although I mostly wear it unbuttoned, if necessary, I do it without a twinge of conscience.

Several jackets from the previous review

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