5 tricky questions to the employer

Do not hesitate to ask questions during the interview, or the employer may think that you are not interested in the job.

why open vacancy?

Be sure to ask about the fate of the worker, who worked up to you. If the employee replaced, find out why - what the worker did not deliver what was wrong, etc.

Also, do not hesitate to ask about the specific responsibilities that you have to perform.

What is the duration of the trial period?

Probation - a very interesting nuance. Speak and be sure to specify how much it will take and how it is paid.

What are the possible prospects?

This question should be asked very carefully. To get the answer, ask what you need for a successful promotion - may need to go for additional courses and trainings.


Who will supervise?

Be sure to ask who will be your direct supervisor, and when you can get to know him. The sooner the better, because it will help you see if you can manage to work together or not.

Is there a particular corporate culture?

Be sure to ask about the company's corporate culture: is there a dress code, which the company has a tradition. This will show you only the best.

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