Not old, but tired: how plastic and new style transformed a 45-year-old woman who looked 20 years older

What is the woman wearing when she works on the farm from dusk to dawn? It will be overalls or something sporty and cheap, but without adjustments for modern trends - and this is absolutely natural. Such was Sharon, whose main problem was not so much clothing as the general tired look of a woman who, at her age, looked a couple of decades older.

Sharon before the makeover
Sharon before the makeover

Gray hair, wrinkles and a tired look

From a young age, Sharon, who lives in a small Welsh village, works on a farm. She gets up at dawn and goes to bed late, because she has a huge scope of work. The farm has about 400 animals that need care, so the heroine gets very tired during the day. She has no time and no reason to think about her beauty. All this affects the appearance of Sharon, who, at 45, is completely gray-haired.

Sharon, 45
Sharon, 45

The mother-in-law says that at 45, Sharon looks exactly like her, although she is already 70 years old! The heroine doesn't like anything about herself, so she would really like to change and gain self-confidence, which she never had. The professionals of the British program "10 Years Younger" got down to business.

On the street, about a hundred people were interviewed, who were interested in what age the heroine looks like. Most of the answers fluctuated between 55 and 69 years old, which was very upsetting, but not surprising for Sharon. She knows exactly what she looks like. Why does a woman at 45 look 20 years older? The fault is, firstly, gray unkempt hair, which curls by nature and without proper care, look like a washcloth, and secondly, a face that looks tired.

Required plastic

Sharon has close vessels, which gives redness on the cheeks. She has light, sparse eyebrows that do not add expression to her face. But the most important thing is the problematic area of ​​the eyes. Her blue-gray eyes are framed by heavy eyelids and crow's feet wrinkles with bags and deep wrinkles that become visible when smiling. The outer corners of the eyes are lowered under the overhanging upper eyelids, which additionally makes Sharon's face look tired and aged.

When the plastic surgeon examined the heroine, it was decided to have an upper facelift. In addition, they underwent blepharoplasty, which opened Sharon's eyes, and rhinoplasty for a more graceful nose shape.

Dentist and beautician = teeth and skin whitening

After plastic surgery, Sharon went to the dentist. She admitted that she brushes her teeth once a day after waking up, which is impermissible to maintain oral hygiene and dental health.

Teeth before whitening

The dentist said that the heroine's teeth need whitening. The dental work was limited to the procedure of cleaning and photobleaching. They did not do any dental restoration and other corrections, but even without it, Sharon was pleased with the look of her smile.

Also, using a laser, Sharon removed spider veins on her face, thanks to which her cheeks got rid of permanent redness.

New style in bright colors

The next step was the selection of a new style for the heroine, who went to a make-up and hair stylist. They came up with a style for her that was moderately vibrant and rejuvenating. And they did it perfectly.

The heroine after plastic surgery by a make-up artist

The make-up artist noted that the absence of makeup does not necessarily make the image look older, but with the right makeup it can be rejuvenated. One of the most important details on the face is the eyebrows that need to be accentuated with the shade of the hair. The eyebrows were highlighted, but without a strong darkening.

Sharon's new hairstyle is a short bob-bob with airy bangs. The hair is dyed in a soft copper shade, which made the look play with other colors, emphasizing the color of the eyes.

Sharon's entire look, including the shade of hair, makeup and wardrobe, was designed in bright warm and hot colors that revived her once tired face.

After completing the makeover in the next poll, people on the street gave Sharon between 39 and 45 years old. The new average age of the heroine according to the poll is 41, which she was very happy about.

The heroine before and after the transformation
The heroine before and after the transformation

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