International Day of left-handers in 2019: congratulations in verse and prose

Congratulations on the International Day of left-handers, and from my heart I wish always to be a unique and incredibly interesting person. Let any case you will have the strength, let "one left" always manages to cope with everything. Good luck, health, enthusiastic and vibrant life!

You are a lot of very unusual -
And many can surprise ...
After all, you - the left-hander. Although the species is common,
Are you so cool to be friends!
Congratulations to all of your day,
Who holds the spoon just is not so!
Let it be your world brighter and more beautiful,
Fortunately only the flag is raised!

Congratulations on the International Day of left-handers! Let your incredible mind, a creative streak and talent will bring you success and recognition.

Let your every day consists only of pleasant moments and, thanks to its left you in all situations will be right.

Children left-handed /

It is no accident happened,
The left-hander that God has done:
After all, you excelled immediately,
From the very first children's lines.

On the other you do not like -
Choose a different path.
So let and in life, too
There will be not so with you:
All the problems that torment us,
Let you bypass,
And, like everyone else, but better
Your fate!

Congratulations on the International Day of left-handers. I want to be unique, talented individuals with great prospects in life, with a great design and excellent facilities.

Left-handers holiday today,
Congratulations to you, friends!
Unusual day today
Skip it can not be!
In the left hand today
Birthday almost
For her poem was written,
For her, it read!

I congratulate you, my dear fellow southpaw with amazing day - the day all the lefties. And to this day I am ready to tell the whole world that all of you are left-handed - the most talented, the most capable, the most creative people. I wish you victories, understanding, acceptance, and love: Remember, your cause is just.

They say that the left-hander - creators,
Clever and well done!
On the day when you left-handers,
Whether the best in everything, always!

You write the left hand,
That for many it is unusual,
This is a sign of your special,
Not pasuy, live perfectly!

Children left-handed /

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