Day of Knowledge 2019: short greetings in the SMS

September 2 students and teachers returned to schools.

knowledge day formally took place on Sunday, but congratulations on this holiday should be today, when school starts!

Knowledge Day, and, of course, the day the world -

That is all for the first day in September,

When the sound of a waltz from ether

Sends greetings speaker children.

The Day of Knowledge - a peaceful day required,

As a symbol of goodness and purity,

Long and well beloved,

And generous with smiles and flowers.


We wish you to learn

Always only five!

And laughter poured,

Beautiful, very sonorous!

Because there is no nicer childhood

Probably nothing,

Knowledge Day, the kids!

Let it be you


You are now on the threshold of the school,

And looking surprised eyes,

Let the teacher you will fall not strict,

And all the difficulties he will take with you.

You will learn how to write beautifully,

And read a funny expression,

And to solve difficult puzzles,

And run away with a huge acceleration!

First-graders, you are in school today,

In the light of the class, behind a beautiful desk,

And the teacher is very good,

And reliable, like your mother!


Graders congratulations!

And from the older you wish:

Do not be lazy, do not miss,

Mom and dad to help,

Carry out their tasks,

And look for their vocation!


The summer has flown by,

And studies ahead

Come, feel and do it!

In school, we've got to go!

Collect portfolio soon,

And a bouquet of gorgeous,

For fives go,

Happy to mom!


We are sorry to part with the summer,

But the school again to his calling,

Hooray! Portfolio throw!

The Day of Knowledge!

Move ahead!


On this first day of autumn

I send you greetings!

Back to school, it does not matter,

You're a bright star!

You're talented, intelligent,

All you manage, as always!


Back to school? You do not worry!

But rather to collect.

Throw the bag over his shoulder,

And call me if anything.


Girlfriend best wish

On the day of knowledge to gain wisdom:

On the morning of the nose is not picked,

And delirium, some do not carry.

And would never forget

And I often write sms!


SMS you catch!

And on the day of knowledge do not be sad!

Above the nose and tail pipe,

The school will meet with you!


I send you a big hello!

After all, today you are a student!

And the Day of Knowledge Congratulations,

And I wish to live without troubles!

Everything in the world to keep up:

lectures in the morning to write,

At lunch muffin munch,

In the evening, meet friends,

But at night - dance!


Student! The Day of Knowledge Congratulations!

And I wish to hand over all the sessions!

Griz science solid stone,

And do not regret pants shabby!

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