How does the size of the legs of a newborn child by month?

Legs in the infant beginning to emerge from the very first days of life.

incorrect footwear It may result in not only discomfort to the child, but also the further development of the wrong foot.

Diseases of this kind are not immediate, and when the child begins to feel uncomfortable, unhealthy construction has already taken place, for example, so-called pits on the legs protrude, which complicates selection shoes.

To prevent such issues, Parents are advised to once a year to visit with the child orthopedist prophylactically.

How does the size of the legs of a newborn child by month? /

How are the legs?

For the first two years of life the newborn feet grow in length to 4 cm from the third year of life - another 2.5 - 3 cm.

Up to 14 years the length of the leg will be increased by 1 centimeter per year. Already from this moment and up to 18 years it is changing the structure of the skeleton. In order not to get lost with the selection of shoes, mothers will be useful table for children's sizes.

How does the size of the legs of a newborn child by month? /

As you can see, during the first year of life the size increases by more than 2 centimeters. Accordingly, a 12 foot length of the months is about 12 centimeters. In the future, such strong growth will be gone.


Do not take this table as unconditional truth. All children develop differently, the foot can grow slowly or quickly - that's no reason to panic. But, in case of doubt, you can always consult your doctor for advice.

How to choose the shoes for your child?

Often mother They rely on the sense of children. They ask them where presses, presses, and whether they are comfortable to walk. Of course, this approach is logical, and it would be effective, if not one "but." Children have a very low pain threshold, they will say that they are not too tight, even if put on their shoes one size smaller.

Children's opinion, unfortunately, can not be guided. Applying shoes to the foot, too, it makes no sense, because in her size other than outside. The easiest way to podgadat most optimum size, measure the length and width of the child's feet relaxed and at home before going to the store. Try as accurately cut around the foot of the child, using a sheet of paper and a pencil or pen.

How does the size of the legs of a newborn child by month? /

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