June 9th Day of friends: short beautiful congratulations poems for friends

June 9 is the International Day of friends. Congratulate your dear person beautiful verses that we picked up for you

About friendship composed many proverbs and sayings, and not in vain, because without the people close to the heart life would lose a lot of colors. Do not forget the Day of friends congratulate dear people on the holiday


Friendship - a joyful meeting,
Sea fantastic austere.
If any problem - other lighter
And without the other in a hard life.
Day friends is sweeping the planet,
Handing out smiles and love.
So let all the wide world
Friendship erupts again and again!


Well, I have,
There are wonderful friends.
It means I live... ,
And I cherish your friendship.

About you, I think always,
I do not forget ever.
And on this holiday you friends,
I send greetings from me.


Happy friends of all congratulations,
Tight, tight hug.
Thank you all say,
Because I love you.


Happy friends, I congratulate
Close all of its people,
I trust and love you,
Together with you, fun,
You, my friends, I wish
Be happy always,
We will be with you always there,
Do not tear us apart of the year!


Everyone has friends,
After all, without them, no way.
And in happiness or in distress,
Without friends can not be anywhere else!


Congratulations to all the friends,
Are you brighter life, light,
We say thank you to a friend,
Let our friendship is growing!


On this day, I want to congratulate friends,
To give you kind words.
can not live without you present yourself,
Our strong friendship is true!
I want to be healthy you are,
Happiness just tossed over the edge,
To the sky was a cornflower,
The whole year in the soul - May Blossom!
To our friendship did not end,
She was not afraid of interference,
To remain in the heart forever
Our best wishes and dreams!


I would like to "thank you" to say,
What can you call a friend,
Today I am more valuable than all the money,
I congratulate you on the Day of all your friends!


Long live the friendship! Happy friends!
Let life be filled with only the bright colors.
Let the other be each day brighter,
To look at life with happy eyes!
If you have a good friend -
He is always ready to help,
He would give the latter,
To do so, he could!


Good friend to have -
Is this not happiness?
From another not true terrible
Scary bad weather!

Friendship shall live for ever;
It will reward us,
After all, we are each other, friends,
Daily welcome!

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