June 6 Journalist Day of Ukraine: beautiful Christmas greetings

Every year on June 6 Ukraine professional holiday of journalists. For all professionals in their field, feather workers - beautiful greetings in verse and prose

Journalist Day celebrated in Ukraine in 1994, June 6, celebrate their professional holiday reporters, correspondents, journalists and all those involved in the media in our country. It was June 6 National Union of Journalists of Ukraine was adopted in a number of the International Federation of Journalists.


Happy journalist congratulations
And heartily wish you
In life, every success,
Smile more, more laughter!
More friends, the wider,
About the world write in the world!
We wish good health
And once again we congratulate you!

Shark pen heartily congratulate you on the Day of journalist! Oh, and you chose a profession - at home you do not catch, fidget. All along the road, trips - the interview, article, the surveys. Be well, let you all have the strength and energy! And be happy - so nice to see how your eyes burn after a successful article!

Well, that, with the holiday, my friend - the Day of journalist! As soon as you do not call: Fourth Estate, shark pen and even corrupt hacks! But in dealing with you, I dismiss all these nicknames - still above all, I have no journalist, and a friend who works as a journalist. I wish you the sharp, inexhaustible inspiration and pleasure of creativity! Be happy! Be healthy! Congratulations!


Journalists - people are meticulous,
And fulfill all orders promptly.
We need all the fresh news,
It is desirable that they were all true.
Labor journalist us pleasant,
For all the people obscheponyaten.
The desired accuracy is always at work,
And an increase in your income the same.

Day journalist - your beautiful professional holiday. In this charming day, I wish you more interesting, exciting events, a light pen, and, of course, good luck, wed without her it would be very difficult in your case. Let the benefit is always perseverance, success and a happy occasion. As a person we wish true love, because if you have love, you will follow, and happiness, and everything else! Happy journalist you!
Journalist! Your whole life - a hot spot, from which you're welcome their reports. And all of them - either sensation or nonsense or theme for reflection. Extraordinary account of events, juicy eloquent phrases - all this you, your talent! I wish you unlimited happiness, love and good luck! Let you will always be rich and audience of loyal fans! Happy journalist!


Journalists - special people,
Always make their way forward,
To be the first to know
And write in the journal.
Today journalists congratulations
Even so hot you wish,
I wish you interesting topics
In all cases good luck to all!
Before you - a white blank sheet
And in the recorder - a fresh report,
You're calling, both in his heart - a journalist,
And this is your life and your courage!
Profession of a journalist how interesting, so dangerous. That is why, on the day of the journalist, I wish you care, caution and vigilance. Let your every move will be considered and brings only positive results. And, of course, even if all your stories and stories are for the benefit of society and the country. Professional holiday, dear journalist.


Journalists! you today
We congratulate pleased
Let the noble work
It remains true that
A report from the Truth,
Interview with honesty,
Your honorable duty - to bear
Light notoriety,
News fall quickly
Framed by lines,
The congratulation reporters
We do not put points!

Q: Is it easy to be a journalist?
He did not have to forget,
He - central in the information flow,
He prepares each hour of publication,
He keeps in memory nemeryannom ideas
He - a generator and a source of news,
So we wish happiness to the journalist,
To the articles were written with inspiration quickly,
That for sensation I had a nose like a bloodhound,
And in the recorder did not sit down batteries!

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