Friendly but dangerous: 4 of the most skillful zodiac sign manipulators

Surely, each of you has come across real manipulators on your life path. These individuals somehow behave in such a way that people seem to begin to obey them. A few words, and you are ready to do everything for them. And it is very difficult to understand how they do it! And, according to astrologers, in order to be really a smart manipulator, you only need to be born under a certain zodiacal constellation!

Now you will find out which of the zodiac signs is distinguished by their "manipulative" abilities. And please do not get fooled by their behavior, because it will not lead to anything good for you!

Friendly but dangerous: 4 of the most skillful zodiac sign manipulators

4 manipulators by zodiac sign


A lot of good words have been said about Cancers. So they are family, hospitable, hardworking, the soul of the company, excellent advisors, reliable friends. Of course, yes, all this is about them, but not everyone knows what is behind the mask of such an amazing person quite an experienced manipulator who is able to play on the feelings of others, pressing on pity and crying.

Cancers masterfully turn people around the way they need it. They know what, when and how to tell a person to strike him down, to charm. And all this with such emotions and feelings that no one can resist. The most important moves of Cancer are the ability to pity and shift the blame onto another, as well as resentment. The main weapon, besides words, of course, is tears. All this is loud, bright, hysterical. Believe them less, in fact, they are not as bad as they tell you.


Never lose your vigilance when interacting with Gemini. They seem to be so welcoming, interesting, funny, and generally good people. Just don't forget about their duplicity. Sometimes they communicate with people when it suits them, and without a twinge of conscience they will betray if another "successful" person turns up. In addition, Gemini is simply changing their minds rapidly. They will tell you one thing today, and tomorrow they will claim that they have a completely different opinion, and you just misunderstood them. There is only one thing to advise - filter the Gemini "bazaar", and never completely relax with them!

a lion

Leos love to be in the spotlight, and are ready to do anything to make everyone around them recognize their greatness and chic. Selfish people who pretend to be good friends and partners. In fact, in order to achieve their goal, they are able to masterfully manipulate people, and in the most sophisticated ways that are only known.

The only trouble is that Leos are so charming that people themselves are ready to bring them everything on a silver platter. Therefore, you should be careful and not settle for all their games, from which you will never emerge victorious.


Aquarius needs everyone around him to love and admire him. It's like his meaning in life. He wants to be the first in everything, always right, but his opinion sometimes seems so strange to ordinary people. And besides the weirdness, it delights them! As soon as Aquarius realizes that you are crazy about him, he will immediately lose interest in you, and when you cool down, he will again switch to you, and will enchant with his brilliant sayings!

Tell us in the comments if you have encountered manipulation by these zodiac signs? Or maybe you yourself are on this list, and want to admit the truth? After all, there is such a sin behind you as a tendency to manipulate?

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