How to return to work after the decree: 5 Important Tips

Try all to prove that the child - not a hindrance brilliant career, and one of its main incentives!

Parting with a child

This is the main reason for the fear of leaving the decree. And that's OK, because every mother worries about her child. To seamlessly handle goodbyes, Prepare the child in advance. Tell him, that he begins to get used to the changes.

Yes, and you yourself will feel calmer.

The new regime

Now you should know that you are waiting for the new schedule. If you're used to doing with your child and decide domestic issues, will now have to find a balance between work and personal life. Do not try to do everything yourself, divide the duties with her husband or parents.

How to return to work after the decree /

Tune in to the job

The first time the work can be difficult and misunderstandings, but if you value your job, do not give up, you will succeed! It is difficult to be only the first few months of operation, and then you get used to life again and be back on track.

Communicate with colleagues

During your stay in the decree could be changes. Therefore, on the first working day meet new staff and check with heads, If there are new rules in the company. If you occupy a position of leadership, it is not necessary to radically change everything. Allow time for the team to get used to the changes.

Start from scratch

Forget all that was before the decree, will now have to start from scratch. Try to quickly integrate into the workflow, and prove to the whole leadershipThat the time you spent in the decree is not passed in vain for you.

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