Michael Prysyazhnyuk told why the daughter and son differently

Talk show host "One for all" at the STB Michael Prysyazhnyuk together with his wife Valeria brings charming children - 10-year-old Vanya and 4-year-old Masha. What rules in communicating with children adheres stellar pair and why a daughter and son differently?

TV presenter admits that 10 years ago, was born their first child, he and his wife also were children. That is why Wani childhood passed under the overprotective caring parents.

"Vanya our first child, so grown almost princess (smiles). At the least it falls or injury, we almost caused MOE. So, it was the center of our universe before the birth of Masha. He was looking forward to her appearance, and he asked for a sister. Masha all since the early days it was different. She reminds me of my mother: falls, beats, but does not cry, and shakes and moves on. And for Vanya is always ready to stand up. Yes, education is different, but it's good. I think women today should be strong and realize their potential ", - says Michael.

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The lawyer says that he and his wife learn to education every day, but some basic rules in their family is still there:

"My kids believe in God. They know that they should always tell the truth. Vanya and Masha love, protect and respect each other. They understand from childhood that results need to make an effort, nothing falls sky. Ivan goes to school and is a good student, Mary - in the garden. "

Recall, since Feb. 3, viewers will see first-editions ostrosotsialnye talk show "One for all". See on Sundays at 21:00 at the STB.

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Photo to article: STB