How to please someone, tips from a former FBI agent

Success in absolutely all areas of life depends on whether you can win over a certain person. Of course, this does not mean that you should definitely try to please everyone and everyone. But sometimes a situation arises that without it there is nothing.

A former FBI agent who was the head of the Human Behavior Research Program gives very good advice on this matter. According to him, it is not so difficult to win over a person!

Here are his good recommendations

Show a stranger that you only have a couple of minutes to chat.

So you can quickly win over a person, and this is how it works. When a person thinks that you will be leaving soon, they are relaxed. For example, let's say you need to meet someone at a bar. If you just walk up to him and ask if you can give him something, he will be taken aback. The person will tense up, and will begin to ask you who you are, why you need him, and will wait until you finally leave him behind. And if you walk up to a stranger and say something like: “I have only a couple of minutes, but it would be interesting to hear your opinion. Tell me, what do you think about... ", you will increase the chances of getting the person's favor.

Ask interesting questions

You need to ask the person questions about the difficulties and problems they are facing. This will help you better understand the interests of the other person.

Don't judge, take opinion

This is very important when you calmly take the other side into account, while not expressing dissatisfaction or judging. You do not need to agree with the interlocutor at all, but he will be pleased to know that you are at least trying to understand his vision of the world.

Ask for advice

When a person asks the interlocutor for advice, he increases his attractiveness in his eyes. This is a very effective way to influence people who are even higher on the social or career ladder. This is much better than pressure, obsequiousness, etc.

Ask if the person has time to talk to you

This is an excellent tactic for setting a person up for fruitful communication. "Is it convenient for you to talk now?", "Can you give me a minute to communicate?" etc. In addition, with such questions, you can please the potential interlocutor. Studies have shown that a person listens much more attentively when asked first if he can he set aside time for a conversation than when the interlocutor abruptly starts a conversation or calls, and talks without stop.

Listen to the person carefully

There is no need to listen to the interlocutor in parallel and try to think of what is better to say to him. You will definitely not get rapport this way. Anyone understands when a person listens and thinks about something else. Slow down your thoughts, it is better to listen carefully and reflect on what exactly from what has been said you would like to know even more.


It's time for you to learn to smile sincerely. People with a smile on their face evoke much more trust and sympathy from others than serious ones. So you will win over a person much faster, and you can create a light, relaxed atmosphere.

Quite interesting and simple ways, right? Tell us in the comments how you get people to like you? What secrets do you have for making a stranger like you?

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