You makeup: how to start making money on makeup?

Someone decides to go makeup courses and someone develops a profession on its own. In any case, the future make-up is the most important practice.

How to start working with people? Where to take the audience? And, of course, as earn on makeup?

Train on girlfriends

Any necessary makeup artist portfolio. The first time will have to work for free, for the sake of this very portfolio. The easiest way to look for patterns among her friends. Photos of friends with your make-up you can use in advertising and promotion in social networks, and when applying for a job.

Get to the Internet

Every makeup artist needed social channels of communication with the audience.

Do not be lazy and create Instagrame and Facebook. Regularly update their pages, so you're sure to find yourself a new customer.

You makeup: how to start making money on makeup? /

Friends among photographers

Try to find a first employer among photographers offer their services at a discount.

If a novice photographer, you can combine their efforts to form a portfolio at the same time. It is also possible this type of cooperation - a photo and make-up are paid separately by the photographer and the client.

Make yourself small

Talk to people that you are a makeup artist. Do not hide the fact that the only master this profession. Do not give up budget options for cooperation, as well as to work with people who have limited budget.

You makeup: how to start making money on makeup? /

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