Alexander Pedan told how to find a common language with children

Drive New Channel Alexander Pedan- the happy father of two children - 14-year-old daughter Valeria, and 2-year-old son Mark. And he is convinced that to find common language with children, we just need to learn how to talk to them.

- If the situation requires it, the need to communicate with them, even online - expressed their point of view Alexander pedal while the conference on "KP in Ukraine." - For example, I sometimes chat with my daughter through Instagram, even being in the apartment, even (laughs). She can ask a question, and would be offended if I do not answer him.

Presenter and founder of children's sports movement «JuniorZ» explained that the difference between his generation and his generation of children that last more than a sense of freedom.


- Kids today know that they have rights, - explains Alexander. - They have a right to privacy and respect her very much. Therefore, the need to listen to them and less than squeeze. This is a mistake that kids today "sewn up" in gadgets. I see no problem in communication. They are willing to express their opinion and are even ready to accept criticism, of course, not aggressive. So you need to talk to them.

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Photo: courtesy of the New Channel news service