Lure: why and how to keep a food diary baby

17 July 2019 13:30Anna Simon
Lure: why and how to keep a food diary baby

Lure: why and how to keep a food diary baby

The child begins to eat adult food for the first time in his life, and he had not had any experience. Therefore it is necessary to keep a food diary to record what the child tried, and what his reaction to the first solid foods

By the beginning of the introduction of a new baby food should be completely healthy. If to be a preventative vaccine - familiarity with the lure is postponed for a week before and the week after vaccination. In the first month of weaning a new product, let in the morning, then during the day you will be able to watch the state of health remains.

Why the need for a food diary

First, make food puree with a few small lumps. Avoid homogenized food (paste). By 9-10 months need to puree was little more than pieces: baby must learn to chew and digest solid food!

Lure: why and how to keep a food diary baby /

  1. Try to understand what your crumbs like. Report daily to the food diary, that little one like it, and what not, as well as the products that he does not tolerate.
  2. Remember that children are no food stereotypes. Normally, if the breakfast they prepared vegetable puree, and lunch - porridge and fruit. For this reason, before the year is not necessary to use salt and sugar better to eliminate from the diet of children under three years.
  3. Do not worry if the baby does not want to have a very healthy food. Sometimes he may even refuse their favorite foods. Suggest this product again in a few days - it is quite possible that this time your baby eats everything and with great pleasure.
  4. Praise the child! And most importantly - do not worry and do not disturb your baby! In the end, all people learn to eat adult food.

Lure: why and how to keep a food diary baby /

Why you should reconsider your food habits

You will learn a lot about the behavior of crumbs on the stage of development of complementary foods, to rethink their eating habits. And if the parents will feed the child, because it is necessary to them, they would not allow your child to learn all about new flavors.

Parents will limit it to your desire possible to enjoy now and in the future from the delicious and varied food. Thus, at the stage of development of complementary foods:

  • do not feed while watching TV / tablet, another gadget;
  • give up the theater, fairy tales, stories at the table;
  • not worth revealing to feed the family, do not feed the toy;
  • Do not rush the child at meal time;
  • do not persuade to eat a spoonful of the mother (for dad, for brother, for grandmother).

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