How not to become impoverished in a leap year?

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It is believed that a leap year is a difficult period, fraught with many hidden problems and worries. This is especially true of one of the most important branches of our life - financial. How to protect yourself, what you need to know about money in this difficult time so that material difficulties are bypassed? It turns out that it is enough to follow five simple monetary rules.

Don't take risks and don't change jobs

In leap years, try to be stable, especially at work. Your financial well-being directly depends on it. Do not change the place of work unless absolutely necessary, otherwise you can provoke new problems.

Also, a leap year is not a time for risky activities. An unjustified purchase or an unreliable transaction can be the last straw in the stable movement of your cash flow. Therefore, before you buy something or plunge into a new business, think carefully about everything. And you shouldn't risk your hard-earned money in a leap year for a dubious lottery win.

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Keep your money in cash

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Experts advise keeping your hard-earned money close: not in bank accounts, but in cash at home. Banks often experience malfunctions; they are not insured against rate jumps, devaluation or system failures. Often there are also simple mistakes in translation. In leap years, play it safe and keep your money in the form in which it is easiest to check it. Try to control monetary transactions, check receipts at the checkout, check change and do not yawn at ATMs.

Do not borrow

In a leap year, try to avoid large loans: do not borrow from banks or good friends. Loans are permissible only in extreme cases. It is also undesirable to lend, even to close relatives and friends. This is because the probability of getting nothing back is very high. An exception can be made only in case of urgent need - a serious illness or problems at work. Forget about loans for entertainment, a restaurant, or a new gadget for 2020. Try to save yourself and get what you want only by relying on yourself and your savings.

Do not lie

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Astrologers claim that it is very easy to fall prey to deception in a leap year. Be extremely attentive, especially with strangers. Before making any monetary transaction or transaction, try to find out more about it, get into the essence of the matter. Besides, you yourself shouldn't lie either. Be honest, do not deceive yourself or others. If you accidentally receive someone else's money, then try to return it to the owner. Then not only will the conscience be clear, and the karma will be cleansed, but luck will not use to look.

Avoid the number "4"

As strange as it may sound to some, try to avoid the number 4 in a leap year. The fact is that in Chinese numerology, the four is associated with the word "death", brings troubles and misfortunes. Do not use it in everyday life, in financial matters and everyday trifles, mention it as little as possible. The most favorable number in money matters is the number 8. It is precisely the eight and follow as much as possible everywhere and everywhere.

Leap years are not easy times for people, and so that your financial turmoil does not become the norm, try to follow these simple rules. It is not difficult to comply with them, but you can be calm about your stable financial future.

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